Microsoft plans to strategic investment Foursquare behind: to Bing

recently, the media have reported that social Foursquare check-in application is seeking financing strategy. At that time,. Today, according to bloomberg, Microsoft also joined the capital operation of war. People familiar with the matter, Foursquare negotiations with Microsoft has entered the “advanced” stage.

why Microsoft Foursquare to investment? Reason is only one: to Bing. Using Foursquare, a large number of local data to enrich the Bing search.

“LTR” (translator note: in 2007, Microsoft had $240 million investment in Facebook, acquired a 1.6% stake in the company. Microsoft and Facebook after signed the plan, provide maps and search services for the social networking giant.)

map application value, have already beyond simply the navigation. The combination with the huge local data in the process of map peremptory has become an entry. Local business, local search, and other functions to add, make maps the user guide to life. On this point, see see Google and apple two giants in the map, we made loud and clear. As a rich, users, there is a market for PC software company, Microsoft nature also won’t give up the huge market potential. Mobile version of Bing, in both the search at the same time, introduced the geographic location and local business, and other functions.

and has 35 million users, and more than 50 million local interests sharing, range from the pubs, restaurants and to the sweet shop all sorts of consumer place of business information, such as Foursquare check-in application, the Microsoft Bing is most in need.

for Microsoft, strategic investment Foursquare is a strategy of proving inconclusive. On the one hand, Foursquare powerful local data can support Bing’s navigation and local business functions; On the other hand, can also prevent it from yahoo’s search ally “” acquisitions of companies such as Foursquare, and pose a threat to Microsoft’s Bing.

since Foursquare’s value so much, why Microsoft chose not to buy it? In fact, not can’t, but it is not necessary. Foursquare’s latest round of valued at $600 million, and always think Microsoft, “not bad money” investors will try to raise the purchase transaction.

maybe $50 million, would be enough to fulfill their marriage. The digital can make the development of Foursquare to adequate capital, in addition, Microsoft Bing can also be due to local data using Foursquare. If Foursquare as predicted, possible bankruptcy by the end of this year, so who will come to pick up the pieces? Microsoft? Yahoo? Or Google?