Microsoft launched class Siri assistant – Cortana

according to foreign technology media ZDNet reported that Microsoft is currently developing a voice assistant application. It is understood that this “or” Cortana “(” halo” in the game a female character name) applications, similar to the apple device on the function of Siri .

although WP at present already have basic voice commands in recognition, but Cortana will be more intelligent. Famous editor Mary Jo Foley was first reported the news, and points out that the Cortana become WP and a killer application, it will be a direct challenge to Siri and Google Now the market position.

since then, The foreign technology media Verge and exposes the Cortana few screenshot. From which we found, this application can be in a control center, adding such as weather, notification, calendar and other services. In addition, the use of Cortana interface also contains the local location information, and also can control the bluetooth connection, etc.

it is worth mentioning that based on Bing Cortana not only can use the information database, to the user’s voice command recognition, it also has the ability of “learning adjustment”. That is to say, the more the number of users, the longer the time, Cortana will through the data accumulated, to provide users with more convenient and humanized services.