Microsoft joint Google filed, and the U.S. government released details monitoring behavior

as each other in the eyes of the enemy, Microsoft and Google doesn’t seem to have the possibility of any cooperation. In the face of the consumers and the market, the two of them are really a pair of friends. Can be in when the government asked them to provide its users’ privacy, the two rival will stand together.

according to the guardian reported, Google and Microsoft have to cooperate, demanded that the United States government to further improve the transparency of monitoring behavior. The government has previously has said he will be gradually released in the past 12 months, to the various Internet companies for the request of the user data. Microsoft and Google, however, think that this is not enough to fully explain the rationality of the behavior. As the Internet giant, the above two companies agree that every citizen has the right to know the details of the government to monitor behavior. Based on this reason, Microsoft and Google said last week, for the benefit of the users, they will be filed to the government, challenges to existing foreign intelligence surveillance act (FISA).

since Edward snowden revealed after the U.S. government, involved in the big Internet companies, have suffered serious users trust crisis.

it is understood that the prism shortly after the incident, page said in the letter: “the master” big data “Internet companies, more needs to be” transparency “of management mechanism… Any contrary to the law of “intelligence gathering” behavior, are destroying our very not easy to set up the foundation of democracy and freedom.”

Microsoft’s legal counsel Brad Smith (Brad Smith) wrote in the blog: “although we failed in our recent negotiations, but Microsoft will persevere, until the court can make us more freedom to tell event details. With the deepening of the congress to talk about, we want congress to support technology companies rights to protect the privacy of users.”