Microsoft is on a device similar to the Google Glass prototype testing

yesterday, the Wall Street journal reported that Microsoft is developing a similar to Google Glass wearable devices.

the news pointed out that Microsoft has it is in the phase of prototype testing device known as the “glasses” can be connected to the network. Although the report did not disclose more details, but analysts say the move proved besides smart watches, Microsoft’s intention and the expansion of the intelligent wearable devices such as glasses.

in fact as early as in 2004, Microsoft has launched a “smart” watches called “SPOT”. The device can be FM on demand receiving Microsoft provides the information value-added services (MSN Direct). But the above two models have been introduced historical stage.

last year, media reports that Microsoft is developing a called “called Glass equipment, and ready to be listed in 2014. According to the media exposure, according to the relevant patent of Microsoft, the smart glasses (called Glass) with a positioning sensors, tracking gestures, reading environment.

Source: WSJ