Microsoft, cloud depth, hunting 】 【 restructuring: “take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure” surgery

animated Microsoft has long been the hype of the restructuring, in today’s finally settled. As many predict, Microsoft will once scattered restructuring for four major departments. “A Microsoft” in Mr Ballmer grandiloquence, adhere to the concept of “service + hardware”, Microsoft hopes he can restore, it was obtained in the PC era “king”. (see)

ballmer and Microsoft on the restructuring plan. Can challenge Google and apple, has become a Microsoft can be the key issue in the Renaissance. Although ballmer considered “lighter” can let his company to become a full of cohesion of the collective, but past history tells us that restructuring is not equal to success, and it have a very small chance of transformation between them.

despite speculation constantly, and most of the “old” figure will remain in Raymond (Microsoft headquarters). Restructuring, however, tend to “damage” to a “strength” of the company. How to solve the reorganization of a series of problems, such as personnel shift, work coordination, rebuilding trust, etc., is Microsoft’s first need to face the dilemma, and this transition is often will continue for a long time.

not suit the remedy to the case

restructuring for a company that tries to transform, is a welcome antidote. Take medicine, however, would have to sticking issue, otherwise can only be “drug poisoning. Restructuring of Microsoft, is a good plan, but because it did not understand their problems, facing predicament in its form.

for years, Microsoft didn’t recognize industry development trend. On the arrival of the mobile Internet it by not decisively into tablet, smartphone, cloud services, and other fields, and missed the opportunity to send a stronger. The PC era of powerful user community is the advantage of Microsoft, and let it fall into the predicament of the hesitant for a long time. Within the long-term competition, seriously hinder the development of Microsoft, any is the innovation of the Windows and Office as a threat, were killed. From Manu cornett (Manu Cornet) cartoons, vividly depicts the Microsoft for us this’ throats.

in order to change the deep-rooted “Windows and Office” development philosophy, ballmer puts forward “hardware + service” company transformation plan. Today announced the restructuring of the decision, Microsoft integrated into four departments, the future ballmer and his company will power is in the following four aspects:

1, the operating system

Microsoft will for all major operating systems, including Windows, Windows Phone, and the Xbox software integration, and thus the former Windows Phone project development director Terry Myerson (Terry Myerson) is responsible for.

2, applications and services

including Bing, Skype and part of the Office, and other Internet services. Microsoft’s online services business qi lu will be responsible for a series of office application, communication, search and service. He is mainly responsible for the bing search before.

3, cloud computing and enterprise

as a new cloud computing and enterprise group, plug,, (Satya Nadella) will be in charge of Microsoft’s data center networks and enterprise services business, as well as Windows Azure cloud computing platform.

4, equipment and studio

the department including the Xbox hardware, Surface tablet series products, hardware accessories and games, etc. The original Windows system development director Julie larsen – Green (Julie Larson – Green) as the new equipment and studio, head of the group.

Microsoft after restructuring department structure, can be called an MBA in the process of teaching examples. The problem is, this structure did not leave enough free space for innovation. experience tells us that the great innovation often was born in “isolated” environment with existing products. the Office and Bing is tied, Skype, may limit the ability to innovate in Microsoft Office software. But things are hard to predict, one thousand which day we found that in Word can make voice calls, that’s a good idea.

consolidated operating system can through resources sharing, improve the development efficiency of various systems. However, this huge hard to a major innovation in the sector, such as cloud computing framework.

of course, Mr. Ballmer completely can according to need, put a team listed separately. For example, customer relationship management software (Dynamics CRM& EMP) development team was a line in the file list in the application development team, sales and marketing. Since there is one exception, that we have reason to believe that the future there will be a lot of this kind of “individual departments”. Only the increase in the number of separate department, are likely to collapse ballmer bothered to create “the super-ministries” of the organizational structure.

take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure

to limit internal “diocletian augustus,” ballmer canceled products department of finance and marketing team, and in the industry level, strengthening their as the independence of the corporate sector. However, this approach can only take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure. Products division is very simple, lost the team will compete for resources everywhere, this can let the company’s internal struggle more intense, resulting in enterprise inertia.

in addition, the media, ballmer plan “subversion” Microsoft had released quarterly results. Microsoft may no longer provide detailed each part of the earnings, but focuses on the overall profit and loss. So you can protect some low growth or endangered department, from Wall Street’s scrutiny and criticism. But, after all, this could be a step backward, in the field of software, Microsoft is one of the few companies released to the outside world clear results. Quarterly results, as we all know, can clear show the overall operation of an enterprise, and validation of new measures for the company effect is the most powerful evidence. Microsoft “beautification” of behavior, just proves that the company is now commonplace.

after the reorganization of Microsoft, is obviously strengthened with ballmer as the core of “centralized system”. As the CEO of the company, on the one hand, he can coordinate the relationship between the four departments, maintain the normal operation of the company; On the other hand, he also can at any time according to the change of the new trend of science and technology, the existing business restructuring. Many people doubt ballmer’s ability to play a role. Anyway, I hope it is only suspect, ballmer’s office will become a stumbling block to Microsoft innovation.

Microsoft really necessary to continue to exist?

all these question’s point of view, the actual are put forward to us a bigger, more critical problem: Microsoft as an independent company, there are based on what? In both corporate restructuring, business transformation, Microsoft is the biggest trouble, it won’t be able to keep up with the rapidly changing market. As the giant of the PC era, after the arrival of the mobile Internet, it is companies such as Google, apple far behind.

, a former senior vice President of ms, Joachim comair, leather (Joachim Kempin), has expressed his ideas about Microsoft’s prospects for development. He thinks that Microsoft’s future will be broken down into several parts, independent development of software products. At first, I have questioned comair’s assertion, can see Microsoft today after the restructuring of the decision, but I “sense” of his original predictions to admire. The following quoted one Duan Ke’s skin in an interview earlier conversation:

“when a company’s management lost its vitality, and were taken on heavy” chains “, no one can wake it again once the enterprise spirit. For now stuck in the past, refused to innovation of Microsoft, and only can be divided into multiple management, to make it out of trouble.”

, in fact, from the latest Microsoft the reorganization listing, I don’t see any to encourage innovation, or where you can use the other innovation. I hope my view is wrong.