Microsoft can attract developers to submit a new application with cash for $100

Microsoft is using the cash to attract the Windows 8 and Windows Phone the developers of new applications. In the face of the American market marketing plan, in 6 on 30 day before developers to Windows Phone Store or Windows Store to submit a New application, can get 100 dollars in cash. Developers to Windows Phone Store and Windows Store submit 10 app, can net 2000 $.

terms are quite clear. All application must meet the certification requirements, the developer must have purpose on developing applications, and should not be just released a web page. Submit copy existing applications developed by the new program, developers will not get cash rewards. At the same time, Microsoft only 6 on 30 10000 apps offer cash incentives. This activity is in the beginning of this month, however, Microsoft has not promoted the event.

Microsoft said that so far, sixty million Windows 8 authorized to sell, Windows 8 application downloads 1 . Often, however, Microsoft does not release the number of applications and data information. This New promotion activity is a good way to motivate people to Windows platforms of interest. However, this activity can increase in applications at the same time, to attract high quality applications, it is worth questioning. Microsoft has relied heavily on third party developers to Windows 8 and Windows Phone platform to provide the next generation of applications. However, compared to iOS and Android in the number of applications and some well-known applications, Microsoft is still at a disadvantage.

in order to ensure the location of its third in the smartphone market, Microsoft is facing a competition with the blackberry. Blackberry is also attracting developers with cash, blackberry promises to profit in the first year of less than 10000 $ Blackberry 10 application. Once in the Microsoft office Windows Phone Charlie Kindel at the end of last year in a state of blog called for developers to pay is not a good idea. He admitted, Windows Phone team will do its all for Windows provide application platform. At the same time, Charlie Kindel predicted that software developers themselves are planning for Windows provide more cash incentives.

Kindel said that former Windows department Steven Sinofsky against to developers to purchase the behavior of the application. Steven Sinofsky11 month announced to leave Microsoft. “If my idea is right, and there is a clear evidence of Microsoft’s purchase application, Microsoft would far more trouble than we thought”, Kindel said. Kindel is correct, however, it is not clear, Microsoft’s this action is a short-term marketing test or a prelude to its future plans. Windows 8 the market only a few months, it’s too early prediction results, in the long run.