Microsoft announced WP application downloads double revenue growth of 140%

Beijing time on May 4 morning news, Microsoft announced on Friday, since the release of Windows Phone, application download Numbers have doubled, while paid apps revenue grew by 140%.

for application developers, it is undoubtedly a good news, at the same time also shows that the Windows Phone ecosystem is the right direction. Microsoft said in a blog post: “the industry is to continue to see steady growth of Windows Phone. According to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech data, Windows Phone in the smartphone as a share of total sales has increased nearly 2% than last year, for the first time and attracted many consumers buy smartphones.”

Microsoft in competition with the iOS and Android is still at a disadvantage, but it is worth pointing out that Microsoft has successfully, maximize the open market, and continue to provide more choice to consumers. Microsoft in a blog post, said the company nokia 720 and 520/521 has begun on a global scale, delivery to customers with different size, different performance and price of a variety of Windows Phone.

Microsoft also announced on Friday, will support in six new market through the Dev Center developers charge. The six markets respectively, Afghanistan, Iraq, Montenegro, Serbia, east timor and Ukraine, which makes the support developers to market a total of 122 charges. In addition since August 2012, Microsoft also added 15 operators collection charges partners. At present there are 25 Microsoft in 19 market operators collection charges partners, more than Google.

Microsoft’s announcement on Friday showed that although the Windows Phone ecosystem is still very young, but is growing at the rate of health, the future one day will be able to compete with apple and Google’s platform.