Microsoft also want to out smart watch! Surface Watch is in design

Microsoft also want to out smart watch!

according to foreign media science and technology The Verge, Microsoft’s Surface team is for your own smart watches in The prototype design. Recently, Microsoft has been in research and development is similar to the smart watch wearable devices, such as, designed by the Xbox accessories team last year (heart rate detector).

in addition, the report says, Microsoft is on a prototype can be connected and Surface equipment testing, and required components manufacturers for the manufacturing the size of a 1.5 -inch display. Signs seem to convey a message: Microsoft is wearable devices, the forthcoming “wrist wear equipment” (later is expected in 2014). According to foreign media reports AmongTech science and technology, Microsoft’s prototype smart watch strap with a variety of colours (blue, red, yellow, black, white, grey), the user can choose individual be fond of. Not only that, Microsoft smart watch will also USES a special kind of alumina materials – nitrogen, the hardness of the translucent aluminium material is common glass of 3 times.

it is understood that Microsoft smart watch will pick up doing revision system, and other hardware devices for integration with Microsoft. Media revealed that Microsoft smart watches with 6 gb of physical storage space, supporting it, and will also be attached storage capabilities. Notification and music control support functions will appear in the Microsoft smart watches, but it is not clear how it increases the integration with existing Microsoft Surface equipment.

last week, Microsoft conducted a large-scale reorganization, a former Microsoft vice President Larson Greene (Julie Larson – Green) was appointed director of Microsoft studio equipment and department, is responsible for, including Surface and the Xbox and smart watches all Microsoft hardware products.


pictured above: as the Surface Watch no pictures, so only with the uncle who sucks XD gates wear gates to not Surface Watch, hereby stated.