Micro letter TMD don’t go up, the official said due to system failure

10 PM tonight, there are a number of netizens to hunt cloud network, according to the fact WeChat log in failure, has been unable to normal use. (update: 20 sons in the morning, micro letter officials say has repaired the failure.)

11 p.m., WeChat official weibo said in a statement: an urgent notice: due to system failure, WeChat mobile client is unable to log in, our staff is hard to repair, please keep an eye on our official weibo announcement, we will repair as soon as possible and inform you the first time machine, thus to bring you the inconvenience please extensive friendly machine understanding, thank you for your support!

a number of netizens expressed dissatisfaction with WeChat “TMD open tencent, light woo users, don’t do guarantee, disappointing.”

it is understood that since this year WeChat login failure many times.

by hunting cloud network time WeChat fault has not been repaired.

update: early 20 sons, tencent WeChat official team issued a public information on weibo:

the team effort to repair, now you can login and normal use micro letter function. This is because the network hardware malfunction, leading to some users yesterday night unable to log in or send and receive information delay. We apologize, and thank you very much for WeChat understanding and support!