Micro letter! Pay treasure to public service platform is coming

pay treasure today officially released version 7.6, compared with the previous version, the new had significant changes, mainly reflected on the open platform and the public service platform. It is understood that the product will be at the end of October on the app store.

the following is a new function:

1, emotional transfer, can support expression, voice, etc. Feel your purchase items, for example, can choose the corresponding expressions to express their feelings, or directly sent to the other party in the form of speech.

2, open platform, the new “public service”, the recent new open platform has supported more than 70 businesses, more than 20 universities, such as network ticket network, che, etc. In November, pay treasure will be on the net ticket network, large-scale promotion can choose online. In addition, pay treasure will also cooperate with wanda cinema. Campus, such as tsinghua university students can be prepaid phone.

in addition, pay treasure to choose in version 7.6 the wallet when the release of the official launch of “public service”, covering telecommunications, medical, bank, and other areas of the life. At present, the first public service platform has access, including citic, and peace, such as more than 10 Banks, telecommunications, mobile, unicom three carriers also all access, registered network will be launched in recently in the public service account. This will also compete fully and micro letter.

3, a new pay: face to face not only support the acoustic payment and mobile payment in the form of qr code to pay two more to achieve the advanced “sound waves offline payment technology”, let the user in the mobile phone network signal not beautiful even without a network, also can rapid pay, obtain good experience. At present, the Shanghai metro in the vending machine vending machines with Beijing part of cinema has already started to test.

4, take card payments: can directly use cell phones to take a bank card, through the mobile phone camera can automatically identify the card issuer, card type, card number and other information, to reduce the manual input of trouble, credit card and debit card respectively into the reimbursement, payment, binding and quick payment, etc.

5, I express: already support 35 express, 90 express orders can query.

in addition, small micro President ali FanZhiMing introduction, pay treasure to pay TV will be introduced in the first half of next year or, NFC, such as face, fingerprint payment service.