Micro letter pay attention! “Imitation” Line and have a new product plan

hunting cloud network on August 21, comprehensive report

walked in mobile IM front of the Line has a new action, domestic micro letter, devoted to stranger, easy letters, chat, etc have to alert in advance. Hunting cloud network media such as tencent technology combining with excerpts from is as follows:

in the second Line of enterprise annual conference today, in addition to the posted the latest, the Line has launched a new platform service Line store, in addition, will also be launched in the second half of the three major products, respectively, video calls, online digital music service and Line Mall (similar to taobao shop).

the web end of the Line to release the independent sales platform for Line Store, on the web platform, users will be able to pay using a variety of channels to purchase Line pay services, such as expression texture, etc. Involves payment channels include credit card, third-party payment service, Paypal, operators and convenience store sales of prepaid CARDS. The service in the first place in September to users with Japan and Taiwan region, and then extended to other countries.

why Line to launch their own app store? This is because the users to buy the Line to pay the goods should through the App Store and Google Play Store, trading links involve platform. Can no longer own app store, widen the channel of the revenue.

at present, the Line has four business model: (1) the application built-in payment function, respectively, such as paying expression map. (2) other built-in paid family applications, including games, camera application and so on. (3) the enterprise marketing platform: the official bank account, the Line @, sponsors map. (4) charter services, such as the use of cartoon characters.

according to the rhythm of the Line current, will continue to explore new revenue sources.

Line performance at present:

as early as last month, the official Line has released earnings data, we first look at the main parts:

the company’s second quarter revenue of $132.3 million, up 348.9% year on year, rose 45.3%, shows a strong momentum of development. Among them, the Line of contribution to the business income of $101 million, accounted for 76%, year-on-year growth of 66.9%. Line sales channels is given priority to with games pay inside and expression of stickers, game revenues accounted for 53%, paid stickers accounted for 27%, while 20% of corporate sponsorship of revenue.

in the conference, the Line has revealed its global users has reached 230 million (June 200 million). Among them, 20% in Japan, about 47 million; Overseas users accounted for 80%, of which the users 18 million, Taiwan, Thailand, Spain, Indonesia’s 14.4 million 15 million 17 million. (oh, seemingly no mention at all of mainland China area data after the Line to move into the mainland market through cooperation with 360 curve.)

in the second half will push the new product:

in the meeting, the Line is given priority to with 3 cs inscription is introduced in the second half of this year’s upcoming new products. The 3 c represent the following services:

the Communication, Video Calls, Video Calls, to launch this fall;

Contents: Line Music, digital online Music service, which will share Music concept. To become the world’s music channels of distribution. Service will be launched this year.

Commerce: Line Mall, anyone can at any time and place as buyers or sellers. Not only limited to the enterprise or individual. This will provide users with new type of online shopping experience. The service will come out in the autumn.

the above three products has not released details of the product details, Line hope to surprise in the release of the product to users.