Micro letter first custom phone CARDS are coming! On August 8th Yi Xun sale

(editor: qing nan)

the first WeChat custom phone card will come! Earlier rumors so long WeChat with operators and push the mystery was finally uncovered custom service, which is behind the WeChat charge rumors of new measures at a time.

hunting cloud network learned that guangdong unicom will become the first domestic operators with WeChat depth cooperation, new products named “” WeChat, users need to buy separate the two sides together to push a special 3 gsim card, can enjoy preferential privilege service such as WeChat flow. Tencent has confirmed the news. And tencent’s Yi Xun network will become the first domestic micro letter custom phone exclusive online sale platform, sale on August 8.

the content obtained the tencent public relations department confirmed that 08 points at eight last night last night, the two sides of the official weibo are issued a tweet: with you, walk together. It also sparked speculation, many netizens and that is exactly what is low-key snort of cooperation. This morning, tencent public relations people are still in the circle of friends exposure Yi Xun the SIM card in web pages.

cloud network hunting land net of Yi Xun found that page is not specific to introduce the specific function of the SIM card. But has played the “big guess WeChat privilege” activities, lists including game privileges, WeChat pay, WeChat group was limited to upgrade, exclusive expression, free flow, high-definition image and high quality music, one of the many possible privileges. It is reported, China unicom and tencent the two sides will according to the results of this investigation to determine the “WeChat walker” will finally have what WeChat privileges.

page shows at the same time, on August 4, July 18 – for the forecast period, the net friend to participate in the function quizzes. August 5-7 August will open to booking, formal sale on August 8.

Yi Xun network which they did not disclose specific price. But the news that the package price in 36 yuan, mainly for students. If true, this price than Hong Kong operator PCCW with tencent pushed 8 yuan (us $WeChat package above.

in fact, China unicom to choose cooperation with tencent pushed WeChat custom package would not be surprising that China unicom chairman chang xiaobing had the operators and OTT service provider relationship is described as “sex relationship”. In the three carriers, China unicom’s attitude to OTT is modest.

in addition, the micro letter with all the unicom cooperation for a long time. WeChat as early as two years ago has just been released, guangdong unicom in parts of guangdong have joint tencent introduced the WeChat custom package, but as the influence of WeChat was also weak, also involving many sensitive issues at the same time, the package has not been large-scale promotion at that time, China unicom and tencent did not do a massive publicity.

other news shows, the micro letter, customized service is an important component of the partnership, the two sides in the end of July will launch a packaged custom services, mainly targeting high-end has a great demand on the flow rate of mobile Internet users. Users if you choose the package, you can enjoy the operators and tencent provides more abundant, high quality, favorable service and operators to user traffic is favorable, micro letter will give users more customized the privilege service.