Micro letter, exposure, director of the gaming platform, general manager of full of beautiful heaven studios xiao-guang yao plays

message on April 8, according to sources, tencent has been appointed general manager of tencent game, full of beautiful heaven studios xiao-guang yao, responsible for micro letter game platform. At present the message has not been officially confirmed.

xiao-guang yao

studio full of heaven is tencent game, one of the four major studios, which are characterized by developing and operating the product type is rich, since research has so far known to operate 7 of online game, types include large MMO, leisure, racing, first-person design, web games, fighting action game, etc. Relatively well-known including online at the same time the “QQ speed” of 3 million, 2012, and online at the same time the 3 d end of the 500000 tour royal dragon in the day.

xiao-guang yao, head of the studio is the earliest a batch of China is engaged in the network game development is one of the senior programmers, before joining tencent in net dragon, shanda, responsible for China before the first round of an MMORPG game “eidolon ranger”, China’s first commercial 3 d games “miracles”, and “the legend of the world” and other projects. In addition, he also wrote “the network game development”, “security explicates the network game”, “the game level design” the script and the character to create “and other works.

it is understood that the micro letter games business from tencent, high value, in addition to sending xiao-guang yao, chief operating officer in command personally Ren Yuxin.

the anecdotal stories about the first micro letter game and screenshots, including three independent client type, respectively is cool, three types of diabetes and lianliankan, need to use micro letter or QQ account login. Do not rule out development of HTML 5 types of products in the future. According to understand, tencent games are running more mobile phone games, the research and agency requires the user to use landing QQ number.

analysis according to the personage inside course of study, there are 60 million users of Korea kakao, and Japanese line 70 million users in their respective markets, based on the public account, pay expressions, games, successful business model. In contrast, has 300 million users of WeChat in exploring business model is very patient. Although tencent skilled in value-added services based on communication, and conducted, including e-commerce, a variety of attempts, and also through the group kakao about the details, but tencent has yet to launch action. Including games, such as electricity, the focus of the business now may still be testing the waters, the focus is still on the user experience and the development of more users.