Micro for open beta account for up to three days millions of daily average 10 times boot volume growth

at 10:00 am on November 1 (Friday), formally opened to the public beta cell phone taobao announced its public accounts platform, tao, and open to outside vendors, talent taobao 320 million on the wireless end user data and resources. The opening of the account number until now, the tao is close to 1 million, at the same time, the platform brings to the merchants directly lead to clinch a deal amount increased more than 10 times compared with before the public beta.

according to the tao, the official said in public beta open registration after only 1 hour in the day, with 500000 people crowded into the tao home page (we.taobao.com), with 368000 successful registration account. In these new accounts, the market the seller’s account number accounted for 80%, talent agency opened account number accounted for 16%, and in the closed beta period has covered more Tmall sellers, new accounts for 4%.

micro tao, head of the operating knife, according to public beta micro tao first task is to lead businesses after proper use of the platform, and comprehensively through phone taobao taobao and PC end, give the account operators more show.

on the eve of micro for open beta, ali group identified the PC love tao with the mobile phone micro clean out the thinking of “fit”, and promised to get through PC taobao host, such as platform, to open the micro tao account merchants more traffic and display space. Reporters found that the tao has been gradually after the open beta to live up to its promise. In taobao, not far from the mouse drag down the location of the home page, can be found in taobao home page on the right side of dynamic 】 【 micro tao columns. Here, the user will focus on micro tao account dynamic update, at the same time can also click on the “go to square” see more micro for real-time dynamic information to the account.

and micro for open beta embodied in the PC after another big change is that business shop during has opened the new account on the home page, increased focus on our micro tao 】 【 button, users only need to direct the use of mobile phones, taobao qr code, you can focus on the shop of tao account. The move, but also to help the seller to transfer the PC users and fans to the merchant’s micro tao account.

in the client mobile phone taobao, has strengthened the micro for accounts of foreign merchants association and show the way. If the seller has opened new accounts, then enter into his mobile phone shops, the homepage which appear obvious logo, store the tao 】 【 can direct the user attention after click on the account. In mobile phone shop baby details page, the details of the above goods, also has the obvious mark into micro tao 】 【 guide users focus on micro accounts. At the same time, the micro tao news to share in the dynamic path which has been through.

“than account number soared even more exciting news, we found that in micro clean out the next day, after the open beta platform daily direct gains over 10 times” clinch a deal amount. Micro tao, head of operations “knife”, said the radio dealer era brings to the merchants a better opportunity to future micro tao platform will give account operators more tools that can be used, and further open all kinds of data resources, to help businesses and talent better manage, maintain old customer and fan, and micro tao into business marketing center.

in the upcoming 11.11 shopping “carnival” to business marketing effect, the tao will also further enhance, the knife is expected, 11.11 the day will have more than 60 million users access to mobile phone taobao micro channel, at the same time the platform guide the turnover is expected to exceed 1 billion yuan in a single day.