Memorable moments: moving beyond the PC chip giant Intel chip giant qualcomm’s value

according to Forbes news network reported that the world’s largest mobile market value (Qualcomm) of semiconductor chip maker Qualcomm has been successful beyond Intel, become 29 large companies in the United States.

today early morning former qualcomm company a market value of 1162. The billion dollars, while Intel for $112.17 billion.

as PC chip field overlord of Intel, in the era of mobile intelligent device is useless. Qualcomm, in contrast, with continuously launch mobile communication chip, made most of the market share of high-end equipment.

after Intel’s new CEO Brian Krzanich said in an interview, because at present the use of consumer trend has from the traditional personal computer in intelligent devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, so moving Intel Atom processor development speed will be faster.

however, the two companies share price of the highest moment at the end of the 20th century is the dotcom boom period. Currently Intel except in mobile chip market weakness, also affected by the decline in the PC market. And qualcomm maintain high-end mobile chip market at the same time, also face the risk of low-end market by mediatek erosion.

the apple still by market capitalisation of $439.39 billion, at the top. In addition, Microsoft ($2335.3), IBM ($2260.3), respectively ranked 7 and 9.