Meizu 3 launch online buyers to go wrong at the meizu “sucks”

yesterday, meizu technology of a new generation of flagship machine meizu 3 in the entity shop on sale, including Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, nanjing, hangzhou, zhuhai entity shop in six cities, opened on the same day. On this day, but online buyers complain, blame the meizu “hole”.

the meizu official in the BBS posted a big “hot” selling the scene at the scene.

the picture shows the meizu at the scene of the Beijing xidan selling

on sale in Shanghai site

the meizu official published the site selling “hot” photos to meizu fans was simply trying to bask in presence, prove the meizu still has large quantities of fans (but outside the meizu hire people line up rumours have been constantly), meizu cell phone still welcomed by the market.

as a domestic smartphone industry veteran players, meizu 3 release natural has attracted a lot of attention. But let the outside world thought, meizu 3 launch in the busy out of chaos: the meizu did offline sales, but ignores the online buyers. In the online book purchase meizu 3 users call meizu “hole”.

after the meizu 3 in the third party’s website and jingdong channels are the early reservation. But on September 14th, meizu announced that meizu 3 stopped booking website. May be because of capacity problems, meizu said after finishing the current order delivery will be open book .

in the meizu BBS, there have been many users for meizu ignore online consumers questioned, hunting extracted several cloud network.

user dissatisfaction with the meizu have focused on two points:

1, entity shop to get more preferential and gift.

2, the delivery is too slow, a reservation is behind the store to get the machine.

the meizu why can appear such a fuss? User “” posts, claims to know the truth. According to the user, in the case of production shortfalls, entity shop to buy the meizu’s preference. Below is the user’s post:

“open BBS many men were happy, ah, that call a moan… Resentment, a lot of people have a kind of being cheated, I feel so early website full reservation, now is not as good as in stores 200 block booking machine early, then I don’t think the meizu according to booking order delivery, emotional heart ask for a refund, ah… The meizu really no order delivery? Might be more should be such, the truth of the matter in the official conference open book that moment, the country more than 500 meizu store boss is nervous of operating model, amount from millions to be sure, business competition shows, at this moment because of the slower faced on September 28, inorganic to sell the embarrassing situation, if you are a meizu store boss, you will understand the moment like jingdong didn’t return to absolute being, ha ha, so on 9 September… , look from jingdong and delivery time also verified the meizu didn’t buy jingdong account, money order shipment, and for individual buyers in the conference website reservation of excitement dozen money is not the first time, have to line up oh… A week two week five weeks on Wednesday… , and stores booking will be smart and lucky, to get the machine before you oh, previously heard of those book store boss dozen are cattle, water is 1000 units, the national more than 500, you calculate… , so the experienced old kerosene M8M9MXMX2 starting know, in the case of meizu climbing short supply capacity to take machines in the first place, best choice is to store, and at the time of delivery normal website jingdong Tmall and stores it doesn’t matter, as an old kerosene, I suggest or store, see objects can have more choices, defective can also change, this time I choose to wait for another, because I’m a M8 for MX3, 64 g, white, TD edition, I give the meizu a month time, hey hey, enough patience, were happy, calm, if you are angry you ‘criticisms that you are full of passion… Fucking life is to get a bit of a passion… “

at present, the blame for the users, the meizu official did not give a statement. Hunting cloud network will continue to focus on this matter.