Ma UCWeb directors confirmed that baidu investment matters

today, according to the Wall Street journal reported, alibaba group founder and chairman jack ma, will become UCWeb directors, from the chief executive of UCWeb UCWeb CEO’s statement also confirmed the content.

jack ma to the board of directors of as UCWeb this shows fully convincingly that ali stake in one component, also from another level in 09 years investment in UC, ali again investing its stake. After rumours that baidu investment UCWeb deal was announced.

UCWeb as domestic market one of the most popular third-party smartphone web browser, with higher market share, it also be giants layout mobile value entry in the competition. At the end of the second quarter, the UC browser in the Chinese market quarter to 300 million the number of active users, thus has a large number of mobile traffic to the potential of all the services provided by alibaba group. Relative to the apple iPhone or an Android phone provided by the standard browser, downloadable application for UC browser is a streamlined alternative. In addition, the UCWeb also operates a popular mobile app store.

officer UCWeb CEO, according to alibaba group in 2009 to a strategic investment UCWeb, then through increased investment UCWeb in another round of financing round. Although UCWeb CEO did not elaborate on the alibaba group holding UCWeb how many shares, but the browser company, said the group shares held its “significant”. Alibaba declined to comment.

in fact, since 2012, the company plans to buy UC rumors began to appear; According to the reports, baidu contact with UC began in 2011, but the two sides have not been able to settled in terms of price. In 2013, baidu buying UC rumors again many times. But as the baidu “day price” of $1.9 billion acquisition of 91 wireless acquisition programs and thoroughly for the UC.

UCWeb CEO said in an interview, UCWeb will continue to prepare for ipos in the us market, and will continue to work with all the big Internet industry competition on the Chinese market to cooperate.

“we and the relationship of the alibaba group, of course, with the relationship between baidu and tencent.” Ucweb CEO said. He also said that UCWeb and alibaba group have launched cooperation, the variety of products and said the latter’s online payment department pay treasure has been fully integrated with the UC browser.

can be seen from the investment strategy, investment UCWeb ali should be strategic investment, rather than direct acquisition of a controlling stake in the company or of buy-out. This kind of tactics and the group earlier this year by other major steps to keep the consistency. For $586 million in April this year, alibaba group acquired a 18% stake in sina’s microblogging service. In may, alibaba group, bought for $294 million at the network map a 28% stake in the company applies to software.

, by contrast, baidu’s major initiatives this year has been a buy-out deals. In may, through its love baidu in the $370 million purchase of PPS. In July, baidu’s $1.9 billion deal to buy 1.9 billion wireless.

it is perhaps the pursuit of the cause of “independent development”, to continue to accept ali injection of UC, rather than choose the baidu of buy-out.