Ma lei jun representative told the guangzhou daily said what?

lei jun:

technically to solve travel problems hard to

the past Spring Festival this year, upstaged artifact is robbed 12306, January 18, in the morning, the ministry of railways questioning golden hill network, immediately stop its cheetah browser travel rob ticket version, cause high attention, rob ticket software become travel spoiler.

“any help to improve the livelihood of the people, including helping people technology is very necessary to solve the problem of the livelihood of the people.” Referring to grab tickets should software development, lei jun says, the opinions of the ministry of railways has its reason, of course, he is worried that these technologies be abused, exacerbated by the complexity of the problem.

lei jun, said rob ticket software is a technical question, is a hot topic, the reasons behind it is to travel a lot of pressure, “the Spring Festival is a very difficult problem, so it is a problem concerned by society.”

software is disabled, the ministry of railways for train ticket to rob ticket lei jun that rob ticket issue is a hot spot of the market, on the one hand, the ministry of railways need to strengthen the research and development of 12306 the entire site; On the other hand, improve the difficulty of ordinary people to buy a ticket is a very big problem, “I hope the ministry of railways will attach great importance to.”

12306 is behind travel difficult

for golden hill network for launch rob ticket software developed by the ministry of railways questioning, as well as the software whether next year will further introduce rob ticket?” Lei jun laughs, “specific to ask golden hill network.”

for cost at a cost of over 300 million yuan 300 million site technical failure often occurs during Spring Festival, lei jun confessed that he did not carefully studied 12306 site, not in judgement. Behind, he said, 12306 is a phenomenon, in fact or travel difficult, caused by the traffic department to solve the problem of Spring Festival together.”

“, from the technology can solve the problem of difficult travel?” The reporter asked. “I think that is very difficult,” LeiJunXiao, said rob ticket software is just a little easier to get tickets for some netizens, “is not the fundamental problem, the fundamental problem lies in the insufficiency, the transportation network still need to adapt to the demand of the market.”

about people’s congress, pay most attention to the social good faith

as the representation of an ordinary, lei jun focus on three problems: the social integrity issues behind the powdered milk purchase, “I think the whole society to rebuild the good faith values, enterprise production let people trust of the finished product.” As a representative from enterprise, lei jun is also concerned with entrepreneurial environment improvement and innovation of science and technology.

about first elected deputy to the National People’s Congress, “very excited, the pressure is very big also,” said lei jun, hope as representative during the “can do a little thing is very wonderful”.


who says tencent is fake?

tencent is a fake website? Tencent, chairman of the board ma “or” : “this is a misunderstanding!”

as a representative of the National People’s Congress (NPC), ma yesterday in guangdong delegation “under siege” launched by the media, compared to lei jun told reporters immediately brightly, ma huateng is much more cautious. For Internet users think tencent is a fake website, ma responds that this is a “myth”, and now has been gradually changed. “Just say we are engaged in the industry, others did not evidence to prove that we are copying, isn’t it? If really is plagiarism, we have already the defendant fall down on the law.”

ma says many of the industry’s “testing the waters” are likely to face such a question, and now again looking back on it, tencent started doing, almost all other Internet companies are doing, “but because we the first comprehensive done, so all the pressure to us.”

ma also said that as the investment of tencent on innovation and new product launch, this question has been less and less.

this year to promote the internationalization of micro letter

when it comes to tencent’s next development plan, ma huateng, tencent is expected to make the first in the information service industry “going out”. WeChat of ma said, tencent products, network game has gradually taken abroad, such as the network game has been in the United States and other countries have very big development, now has a chance to be on the Internet platform WeChat is level to become an international platform.

“this year we plan to focus on promoting the internationalization of micro letter, use micro letter first in Hong Kong and Taiwan region, now has extended to southeast Asia countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, also set up offices in the United States last month.” Ma said.

a reporter said to WeChat now gets more and more big, on the national annual reporters WeChat mostly made communication tool. Hear the ma smiled, even said, “thank you for your support, more valuable advice.”

about people’s congress, the bill is not from your business interests

in an interview with reporters, ma smile said: “I’m rite now!” He thought it was important to actionable forward-looking views are put forward. He also mentioned that corporate representative in legislation related to the industry and advice, not only from their own business interests, and beneficial from a higher level to the development of the industry. Interestingly, ma at the two sessions in 2011, shenzhen joint 23 representative to submit a proposition of the conference was speaking for your business.