Ma is going to attack our profile on your phone

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a long time, it seems that the product of 360 play is successful, in addition to mobile phones. But why mobile phone failed? The answer is mobile phone away from 360 security the core. That is to say, if there is no 360 security Zhou Hongyi, less market share, so other products can’t succeed.

if you do not have so big of market share by bundling, 360 search can be picked up 15% of the market? 360 application market and to have had much market share?

but as Zhou Hongyi Nemesis, Mr Ma is finally hair force, according to reports, Mr Ma has finally decided to tencent application centre (phone butler, deal with a man as he deals with you.

360 its various products to 360 security bundled sales, such as by antivirus or computer examination methods such as suggestion and intimidate users to install 360 browser, binding browser home page is 360 search, prompted to install mobile phones aides and guard, etc. This allows the user extremely important, as long as a 360 security, can make the users to install other products.

this to 360 all products have brought huge population, but the only exception is the mobile phone can’t bind together 360 security sales, so got killed 360 mobile phone.

zhou zhou game since founded, has been invincible, but its rogue means is the personage inside course of study of disdain. What nai part of money, and now can be natural and unrestrained and make a lot of money are those who walk grey areas by means of rogue company.

but for now, Mr Ma to prepare, to deals with you, zhou run. Though not die, but destined to hurt a.

according to speculation, 360 security has accounted for more than 70% market share, mobile phone assistant downloaded more than 91 also become the industry leader. According to Mr Ma’s approach, believe in the market share of 360 safe shake, aim to grab mobile assistant.

security software jiangshan is set, to overturn a 360 dark rule is hopeless. But on the phone jiangshan is still in a mess, although the amount of 360 mobile phone assistant now is very big, but is still not in invincible. Mascherano could be saw this flaw, therefore, to deals with you, do not give our profile have the opportunity to copy the second success.

according to the 360 model, if incorporated into the QQ tencent mobile application center security steward, so may have the following means:

1. Mandatory bundling

in 360, bundling will be a very good method. After 360, for example, install 360, you will not see mobile phone assistant, but secretly had to bind mobile phone assistant installation, just don’t display. And tied up inside the entrance is on the front page of 360 security, at this time as long as you click on the mobile phone assistant, then can run directly, without installation, because already secretly installed.

after you click, 360 will default to the task bar at the bottom of your desktop and add a mobile phone assistant, and slowly the phone assistant into the user’s habits. If tencent merged into QQ security steward mobile application center, then believe should also learn it 360.

2. Again forced bundling

the first compulsory bundle, it is safe to download PC application, and the second force bundling is applied to download PC to phone. At present including 360,91, peas, etc., all of them are so smelly rascal. As long as you use your phone to connect computers, run on computer application center, then the application center will be mandatory on your phone to install a mobile application center.

the rule after the default user desktop download, even the mobile phone of jiangshan, this method is common, everyone is smelly rascal is nothing to say.

but it is almost not by users agree to install, not honest. But fortunately, at present there are slaughter of similar small make up have been found but does not represent does not exist. Some rogue software may in the use of PC application market, then delete the phone to download other applications, although it has not been found, but it’s hard to have specific.


as a means of the strong, is not important, important is engaged mountains. What some people with conscience, though they sincerely for the people, but on the war, kind people will be doomed to fail.

source: lei feng network