Ma: I this age to do the Internet is a bit old

according to foreign media reports, 14 years ago, jack ma founded the e-commerce giant alibaba, achievement is well, worth millions. But let him in the Internet, he said in an interview: “feel a bit old, wanted to retire.

the time on Thursday, leaving at the ma in Santa monica $5 million donation to a charity fund, the fund is mainly used to support environmental protection projects outside of China. In this charity, Mr Ma said, in the face of today’s Internet, he felt a little old, couldn’t keep up with the rhythm.

“in the face of new things, I can always be passionate, feel very young, but for the Internet, I found myself a little old”, 48, ma said.

Mr. Ma’s contributions to China’s Global foundation (China Global Conservation Fund) disposable money doubled. China’s global foundation belongs to The Nature Conservancy (The Nature Conservancy) branches.

it is known that ma will be officially retired on May 10 alibaba group chief executive. Before leaving office, the industry is generally believed that alibaba IPO initial public raise, yahoo shares a quarter of a holding company will benefit.

jack ma said that in the past nine years, he has always been the idea of having retired, and hope to devote charity after retirement, such as environmental protection.

jack ma said that six years ago has a home experience into the idea of philanthropy. Home environment is very bad, the childhood is enough to flooded the lakes of a person has now dried up. And, after talking to a farmer found that the local crops generally use chemical agents, and produce their own all don’t eat, is used to sell.

this, Mr Ma said: “I know there are a lot of things is wrong, need someone to change”.

jack ma from alibaba after leaving office, will become the nature conservancy, chairman of the China council.

translation: tencent technology