Ma Ding Leisan wars

yesterday ding beaming, this conference is very successful, presumably ding is also a big beautiful mood, but when a reporter questioned easecredit inevitably fail, ding throw in a word, “you don’t just want to easecredit failure, hope dominance micro letter?”

ding’s comments clear, it is obvious that, in the heart of ding yi letter not accompany prince reading, or chatting with m, Momo entanglement, it is used to playing WeChat.

words, this is already a ding on the front and ma’s third clash on the battlefield. Cloud network hunting small make up blieve.

Battle game

ding in 2001 came so close to netease to sell, the reason is very simple. Big background is Internet winter comes, by this, netease tumbling shares at the time, from a few dollars down to a few cents, coupled with netease modify results at that time, the nasdaq one city. The sad ding once decided to sell netease. In coke dry, ding consult bosses duan yongping paid, asked him, what are you going to do to sell the company. Ding said that money can be to open a company. Say, you are doing now is not a company? Why don’t you do?

so ding was determined to do netease, successively into SP and online games. It is because the network game, every push ding to the position of 2003 year China’s richest man.

the game became the basis of netease he governed in the future, for netease continuously provides the cash. Netease has held their domestic network game for many years, has been to tencent games later. This situation started to change. Tencent with huge user base, continuously advance in the field of online games village.

netease and tencent launched in competition in the field of the game. The latest case is the conflicts, tencent games put corner overtaking, from the most intimate partner netease activision blizzard hand took the call of duty OL the agency.

this is not enough! Tencent is the most let a person feel horrible game, direct stakes activision blizzard. The development of the industry know that blizzard in netease can not replace the role. Although ding said to buy a majority stake in blizzard’s tencent, does not affect the netease and blizzard’s cooperation. But can see bright eyes, tencent in the upstream began to checks and balances netease.

now, tencent has become the network game is one of the oldest game in the real world.

The battle of


in addition to the game, netease another blockbuster is the mailbox.

as the first domestic Internet application products – email after more than ten years of development, although after free and fees, personal postal mail, with the enterprise online mail and wireless mail again and again change the baptism, E-mail on the status of Internet users still can not be replaced. Netease and tencent is also targeting the mailbox.

netease mail in the industry started the earliest, but QQ mailbox study the many benefits of Gmail, plus QQ mail without registration, binding with QQ, it will soon get a lot of users. Commented that the industry didn’t experience the process of planting, watering, QQ mailbox almost overnight to blossom. Overnight beyond netease to become the boss.

two to March 2010, is the most fierce when QQ email announcement said that due to netease shut down corresponding services, will not be able to continue to provide support for the POP3 netease mail to send and receive.

at present, most QQ mailbox user, netease mail depending on different development seek their own competitive advantage.

the battle of mobile IM

the challenge between ding ma, is prepared. So easy to believe than WeChat, what are the highlights? Ding is how to say?

1), WeChat communication voice quality is not clear; Easecredit raised its more than 3 times, 2), WeChat users send hd pictures of rich, no money won’t clear pictures; We all can send high-definition pictures; 3), 40 WeChat group chat the limit, easy letter 100 people at present, but the user can apply for alone, not the number of online; 4) charge, WeChat personality map expression, easy letter all free; 5), WeChat only phone calls, letter to do so, including mobile phones, PC, even fixed-line voice mail;

these are the product level, at the operational level, the letter also exalted union card and card free of charge.

1, China telecom in the future all in the mobile phone will be pre-loaded with easecredit, pre-load can bring a year more than 50 million new users; Telecom user will also get old; 2, netease’s accounts with easecredit through, netease mail, news, products such as leaderboards netease also with easecredit through; Will try to netease active users use easy letter; 3, China telecom users to do right now is easy to flow free letter, China unicom and China mobile users easy flow letter will also be free;

two previous battles, are ma counter attack ding. The ding pull together operators can counter attack ma? WeChat already has 500 million users, difficult. But we don’t want to dominance. A clear positive factor is that yesterday’s conference a great success, both on the QQ, weibo and micro letter, yi letter has become a hot topic.

ding said, thank ma trained user habit, thank you and see how he trod afterwards.