Lost the baidu this big tree, philharmonic live more uncertainty of the future

the author: Hu Xiaojing

philharmonic, a magical website. A running for nearly two years, to let users and see all see not clear the site.

philharmonic live exactly? This question is often thrown, and the answer is more confusing.

at the beginning of the philharmonic live from baidu spin-off, with bright background, the CEO of Cai Hu philharmonic living direction should be clear, “while doing a community based on user interest, while moving a group of merchants on the Internet, and then put the community and businesses get through, the user can benefit from the merchant, formed a complete chain.” But Cai Hu idea is too big, implementation does not reach the designated position, eventually leading to both ends.

from the user’s perspective, the concept of philharmonic live enough novel (lohas, originated in Europe and the United States new life philosophy), the first reference in the timeline and waterfalls flow presentation, share life consumption of such a community can really enough to attract users of early adopters, but the user in the contribution of the content, did not get feedback, in the end, the loss of many users, most of the time are website operation personnel fun in it.

from the business point of view, even if the philharmonic live with baidu as the backing, but does not bring considerable consumer source, merchants in baidu promotion, the public comments on web sites such as the investment has more than enough, why spend the energy to maintain a just beginning to develop a user philharmonic live?

holdings in baidu, under the background of the $50 million luxury investment, entrepreneurship philharmonic live a year, has experienced the shiny, on TV behind the layoffs and several product changes, philharmonic, is still a let a person look not to understand the magic sites.

but now, we probably already know what is philharmonic live — March 21, the philharmonic live full-scale facelift guides the community for the life, can have the profit pattern of hematopoietic – electricity conversion rate. Philharmonic new live, however, is not so bright future.

transformation difficult situation problems

according to buy a female community senior personage analysis, philharmonic from O2O community living guide form transformation of electricity, equivalent to start from scratch, its internal almost all they need to human, product, strategy, philharmonic live hard to short time to complete the internal transformation.

just outside, no matter how much precipitation philharmonic live before the users have, after the revision of product form with the previous user localization coincidence degree is not high, after users share data from anything, I’m afraid it is difficult to make old customers buying it.

guide and electricity for the current market, can’t say it is too late, because there are a lot of vertical nobody to do it, but philharmonic live more than one category and do, such as women’s clothing, household, groceries, maternal and infant, digital, etc., in the early to enter the market, it is hard to juggle many for the first time classification, to do fine community form. It can be seen that the CEO Cai Hu still not big adversaries from product out in the eye.

a philharmonic departing employees live upon the transformation of the philharmonic live very come, the “top clappers less than three months after the transformation of the product, maybe just want to give investors a replacement.”

in his view, the new philharmonic faced with many difficulties:

product level, the philharmonic live without a powerful product manager guides the community can be done.

operating level, philharmonic live is a group of people who do not understand women doing women’s community, and all the operations are lack of thinking in the Internet, do not know the fine operation.

team level, philharmonic live to the whole team is too “small endowment”, not to mention li said “Wolf”, entrepreneurial mindset also does not have. (after a few rounds of layoffs, now only about 100 people, and in its heyday, philharmonic O2O team alone 500 people living. Although do shoppers electric businessman is not necessarily good, but counterpart personnel have how many?)

capital level, for the past year, I don’t know how much money is left, the next round of financing is hard.

situation, guides the community such as beautiful said to rapid accumulation of the user’s basic channels are blocked, and now even beautiful said data also dropped quickly.

baidu or have been abandoned philharmonic

iQIYI compared, where such case, the success of the investment philharmonic live for baidu could be described as a failure.

recently, weibo rumours that baidu to buy local search service life love help network, although the philharmonic live CEO Cai Hu on weibo has denied the rumors, but, according to people familiar with the baidu and love to help the two sides have contact net.

if baidu bought love help network, before li of philharmonic live to establish page platform “middle” will help inherit by love.

in baidu inside, LBS department won the support and help from baidu maps and other resources to help, baidu LBS will live better than philharmonic service local merchants.

lost the baidu this big tree, philharmonic live more uncertainty of the future.

source: netease science and technology