Look from world war 3 b search engine safety

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

on August 8, a single payouts of up to 260000 cases, 360 payouts of search business to the surface. On the same day, baidu launched three months pay business to its upgrade, there will be no limit compensation amount. Coincided with the first anniversary of world war 3 b, it all looks too coincidence.

use baidu search “360” baidu found another message more intriguing: “360 was hijacked baidu flow in a second trial today or losing of unfair competition”. Baidu 360 unfair competition lawsuit reason mainly is “the beginning of 2012, 360 by security guards beta, in baidu search default open insert tags, without baidu allow forced the baidu search results are marked with”.

there is a story. Once upon a time, 360 think baidu search results not safe, so the initiative to help mark it. But baidu is not buying it. After 360 to launch the search engine, 3 b war broke out. A year later, 360 search has grabbed 15% of China’s search market share, while baidu’s share by nearly 80% to 70%.

prior to this, including Google, search engine results unsafe websites, is an objective fact. The main types of the site for medical advertisements, fishing site. Some with normal search results, but more is sponsored links. 3 b war, baidu very reluctantly reduce medical advertisements, lost a lot of revenue. In Q1 and Q2 earnings in 2013, baidu’s revenue growth rate decline.

don’t think a search engine not just 360 security guards of the security. The browser also think so, 360, such as cheetahs, QQ browser provides a malicious url blocking function. Users through search engines to the site, click on the following but was blocked by the browser, fan looks like a browser search engine a box on the ear.

one, the search engine results is not clean, to someone tube

by the user after the search, the results appear in the insecure result is inevitable. Lax supervision, on the one hand, search engine advertising system exist arbitrage space, unsafe websites will get good rankings by way of advertising. The need to manage supplemented, technical means to reduce or even eliminate; On the other hand, the normal search results of search engine depend entirely on intelligent searching and sorting technique. Search crawl in object is cut, vast and near real-time. Through management means to monitor cost is too high, not reality. But technology block, the search engine technology is not yet to that extent.

corporate profits. Hope its self-discipline is very difficult, but there is something that will not quit addiction, such as a windfall of false medical advertisement. Search engines not tube, the users themselves also difficult to identify, China’s Internet is a small white users all over the world. They can distinguish the fishing site of this distinction, or when seeking medical treatment eager to distinguish false medical advertisement, it is not realistic. Even if they could tell, after each search also need to be wary of clicking, a very bad experience.

search engine whether or not tube, the user cannot discern, the pipe security software?

2, security software won’t want to intervene with

theoretically, security software is responsible for all users to use the computer process safety. Including the use of the client software, use the browser to browse web shopping. The ideal is responsible for all users of Internet security 360, up to the browser to the site navigation to the search engine; Down to the phone to your router.

but now in China the Internet river’s lake, 360 and does not have this permission. The 360 level is mainly responsible for the desktop security and the safety of cellular phones. Internet security, user privacy security, 360 temporarily unable to get their hands on. On April 25, 360 after launch “QQ bodyguards” is tencent prosecution, is awarded 5 million yuan. 360 to close its security tentacles into IM empire, it is almost impossible task.

so 360 is baidu prosecution, namely direct labelling in the search results page, is “crossing the line” problem. 360 does the search results of search engine of believes it must clean. Baidu does not need to his pipe. Around 360 baidu, through technical means such as way to manage the security. But 360 is ignored, the user use baidu baidu’s web users.

360 if you want to cross to the safety of the others, will take at least one user told that two compartments. Because 360 is too confident, go directly to help baidu tag, the lost is understandable.

3, search engine safety problems, relying on authority regulator tube is not reality, in the country had to confess to compensate

so third-party security software can’t tube, search engine technology and management methods are also tube is bad, the user is small white. Who should be responsible for the safety of the search engine results?

the thinking of the United States is the introduction of the third party agencies to regulate. In 2002 America’s federal trade commission (FTC) suggest to modify of paid advertising, search engine company will search results and ads obvious distinction. In addition the FTC will also monitor the effect of search engine, if there are unsafe factors, will be issued a warning to the search engine company, even a fine.

in China in the short term is difficult to form a complete set of professional monitoring. Search engines have launched “compensation” function, is nothing more than telling users: I don’t search results unsafe factors, even if we have a problem, we compensate you. “Compensate” is the company in the face of challenge, after 360 the expedient measure, but also had the effect of kill three birds with one stone.

the insecurity of baidu search results first, not widely criticized. Because even if the result is not safe, baidu also compensate. This kind of similar to “bet” agreement, baidu need to pay a little cost, but can urge its own technology and management level, promote the construction of security system.

second to avoid the intervention of a third party authority structure. The United States is the FTC (federal trade commission) for this role. China have similar established authority, or existing department began to specification search advertising, baidu and 360 search harder to deal with.

baidu again with the software divides the safety limit. Baidu by prosecution and successful, to the world announced that baidu’s search results only oneself can tube. 360 security forces range does not include a search engine.

so baidu’s move was a coup. Which divides the border with 360 search, also won a good reputation, and also transfer the line of sight to avoid being spread regulatory oversight. Search engine search safe, short-term need responsibility, search engine or to eliminate unsafe websites, or “compensate”. With the development of search engine technology and improve the Chinese laws and regulations, the third party authority supervision system will be gradually established.