Little known! Shanda network last year invested in online platform che life net

, which has invested a lot of companies, but the family you probably haven’t heard, che network life. According to shanda President Robert chiu said yesterday, the company has been in secret last year invested in the online life.

filed che, people would first think of Latin American revolutionary guevara “fighter”. Che life net is a pursuit of soothing and relaxing life information platform, is the pursuit of freedom, show ego and personality of the online community.

the data shows, che life net belongs to the tile business information consulting co., LTD., Shanghai by, was formally established in 2008. Was positioned to purchase movie tickets online seat selection and development of self-service terminal equipment in the theater. Set up two years later, the company’s business covers Shanghai, guangzhou, hangzhou, nanjing and so on more than 20 cities, and gradually established a film, drama, gym, KTV, bars and other life each domain. Not only provide a merchant’s basic information such as name, address, telephone, pictures, at the same time, the user can also according to the businessman or reviewing movies, activities evaluation, activity organization, and living arrangements. In 2012, the company has 250 employees, annual sales of one hundred million yuan.

in 2009, che life net took over the investment for the first time in 200-200 yuan, probably insist on for a year and a half. Subsequently, shanda network began to step in.

why big investment in the website? Robert chiu did not say, say that he was to big in the future. He also declined to give details of the investment amount and the percentage shares.

cloud network hunting by querying, related data show that this investment is in the last year by shanda’s investment company – capital. On the surface, should for financial investment, but from the business collaborative point of view, is there much relevance. According to the idea, shanda should mainly for shanda online, film and television content such as resources for grafting, and actively expand the channels of cooperation tenpay.

in terms of film and television content, shanda has long been involved in, and established a special film and TV making company, in April this year, a subsidiary of shanda literature also established writers; Shanda literature also announced yesterday that cooperate with seven films for Europe and the United States a well-known producer jointly create movie, these goals are the original literature content into the film and television products. Such as movie comes out, che life net will no doubt become an important source of promotion.