LinkedIn Pulse spend $90 million acquisition of mobile news reading applications

Beijing time on April 12, the morning news, professional networking site LinkedIn announced Thursday that the company has acquired mobile news reading application of Pulse, the purchase price of about $90 million, of which about 90% paid in the form of shares, about 10% in cash payment, the deal is expected in the second quarter.

a few weeks ago has been rumoured LinkedIn will acquire Pulse, so the news is not so surprising. LinkedIn, according to the company’s acquisition of Pulse is hope the latter “become a professional publishing platform, let all professionals consumption content to the platform, and allow the publishers to share content here. Hundreds of millions of professionals have come to LinkedIn for professional insights and knowledge, you need to improve their performance.”

LinkedIn products at tip, blanchard (Deep Nishar) said in a statement: “our talents, technology and products of Pulse can be added to their growing excited about the contents of the ecological system. And I believe this will help promote us to members on any equipment they need professional insights. In order to continue to create value for the member, our dream is to make LinkedIn professional publishing platform, while the Pulse can be perfectly complementary think it is a dream.”

Pulse in 2010 by gram chai, tower (Akshay Kothari) and angie, Gupta (Ankit Gupta) co-founder, when two people still students at Stanford university. The service to launch a device application, but then the rapid expansion to the network and so on other platforms. Recently, the Pulse just add some social features in its application, began to pilot in the field of water. And after LinkedIn today announced the news, is expected in the near term Pulse will further focus on the field of social.

at present, the Pulse has about 30 million users, service in more than 190 countries, about 40% of users is the international users. Secco tower said in a statement: “the Pulse application will remain the same, the two companies team to create a cool and useful new product and excited.”

Pulse in seed Fund raised $800000 in October 2010, the red dot vc (Redpoint Ventures), Greycroft Partners, Mayfield Fund, e.v entures and speed of vc (Lightspeed Venture Partners), such as Venture capital firms involved in the financing round. In June 2011, Pulse from New Enterprise Associates, Greycroft Partners and Lerer Ventures such as venture capital firms raised $9 million in series A financing.

it is the world’s largest professional networking sites, the company was established in December 2002, the headquarters is located in mountain view, California, the number of users has more than 200 million people.


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