Life to continue, mobile phone also concluded that the blackberry launched new flagship Z30 large screen

taking advantage of the present domestic smartphone boom, blackberry on Wednesday launched New Z30 , the large size of the screen set up is catered to the recent smartphone design preferences.

Z30 the blackberry phone in addition to the 5 inch touch screen, also configure the larger capacity of the battery, and the New blackberry operating system BB10.2 . BB10.2 in Blackberry Hub on the basis of introduced New Priority Hub function. As the name implies, Priority Hub will be classified according to the importance of contact and dialogue information. At the same time BBM preview information will appear above within any application in the operation of the interface.

in terms of hardware, Z30 improved built-in antenna, which will provide more excellent in areas of poor signal communication ability. At the same time, in terms of audio, Z30 provide the function of natural quality, make it sound to the next level.

the blackberry said Z30 will be put on sale next week in the UK and the Middle East and other regions are planning to holiday shopping season.

so far, the blackberry as yet unnamed Z10 offer, for the United States which will be used by operators to customize and keep his mouth shut.

but according to the All Things D learned that the news earlier this year, the operator Sprint is launching a with Z10 .

at the same time, the blackberry also said that BB10.2 system to upgrade push open in October, when BB10 the old users can upgrade.

as the war on the smartphone market intensified, the blackberry is always struggled to pioneer the twilight. This year, the blackberry with Z10 and Q10 confidently joined touchscreen smartphones in the game, it’s a pity that the two carry New BB10 work performance of the operating system, the blackberry even with Windows Phone is also slightly inferior in the game, apple has the third largest outside the android mobile phone system is WP not BB . Blackberry has also said the strategic considerations are likely to sell part of the business.

P.S. Z30 : Z30 with 5 in screen, 1.7 GHz dual-core processor qualcomm (69.42, 0.00, 0.00%) Xiao dragon S4 Pro processor, Adreno GPU 320 , 2 gb memory, 800 mega pixels main camera and 200 mega pixels front-facing camera, support , double-frequency WiFi , bluetooth 4.0 and NFC .

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