Li Wanjiang: 800000 WeChat rice noodles is how tempered

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on April 9, rice day, millet micro letter play a heartbeat service: section was planning a rice live events, and set the enough temptation prize – watching, millet mobile phone “public” reply “GO” to participate in the contest, send a millet every ten minutes. Live at two o ‘clock in the afternoon, time to start, hundreds of thousands of fans WeChat send information instantly, and ultimately maxed out millet customer service background server.

this kind of the trouble of “happiness” is the first in the enterprise marketing micro letter. Vice President of millet Li Wanjiang later said that rice’s day message received more than 200 200 micro letter, interactive rice number more than 200000.

the data is known for, millet mobile phone micro public letter number registered in more than three months ago, the real power operations from April this year, but it quickly accumulated 800000 fans. Have micro letter team of executives smiled and said to Li Wanjiang, your fans quantity considerable public, millet should now ranks third.

so, millet, 800000 WeChat rice how tempered?

a, more than 10% of the micro letter fans from micro flow tutors. at the beginning of the millet mobile phone micro public letter number operations, the new media marketing team thought micro-blog will be the core of new channels, “millet weibo of millions of fans, a good pull a pull, a 500000 should be no problem”. Later, however, only 100000 became WeChat fans weibo users, accounting for about 12.5%, and of course a prerequisite, millet have enough the standings of the microblogging operations team.

2, about 30% of fans from event planning . Registered in January after the millet mobile phone number WeChat public, millet team did not rush to do activities, does not want to annoy users too much on one hand, on the other hand is to need time to grope for the event planning for WeChat marketing. Until march this year, they organized an very 6 + 1 “millet you dare challenge?” interactive activities, use a similar interesting answer way, and set the 2 m, F, millet phone boxes and mobile power prizes, such as encourage users to focus on millet mobile phone number to the public. Li Wanjiang said, 3 days Millet public received 4 million messages, a total of more than ten thousand people participate in WeChat interaction.

three, website, BBS, and about 60% come from millet electric business channels. Li Wanjiang said that in the electricity business channel, the enterprise must be good at dismantling their business processes, which link can see and combined WeChat, guide the public attention in the process of user shopping millet, for example, you may be told that the user can use WeChat check logistics.

it is worth mentioning that millet will never micro letter as a sales channel, but as a customer service platform . It must be a weibo and BBS to form the effective area is lain between, in Li Wanjiang view, millet early by vice-governor in new media marketing is given priority to with weibo and BBS, which the media attribute of weibo has a strong and marketing the diffusivity, and although BBS “look very soil”, but done little rice vermicelli precipitation, the millet BBS user feedback received every day up to 70 ~ 800000.

WeChat arose, the early stage of the millet is entangled with some, it is also difficult to ChiZhun WeChat public, how to locate, and how to interact with rice noodles. “In grope for more than a month later, we believe that the micro letter has the very good service properties, along with the letter itself has a strong private social attribute, so we decided to locate a micro letter for our customer service platform, help millet improve CRM management.” Li Wanjiang said.

however, I believe any a micro letter fan reaches a certain order of magnitude of the enterprises will encounter a lot of the problem of the service: the first is the size of the fans, the greater the fall powder rate also will increase; 2 it is up to tens of thousands of fans after level, customer service will be difficult to deal with the fans of vast amounts of information, especially the image and voice messages.

Li Wanjiang has its own way to crack. For off powder rate problem, for example, he insists that enterprise, before doing any activity WeChat “ must remind yourself again and again, can’t bring too much interference to users “.

as for how to improve the ability of customer service, no less than a month in millet mobile phone the public up to 50000, when the Li Wanjiang have made a special trip to wide research found Allen zhang, strive for an interface, docking and dedicated customer service background. Although rice festival small accident happened, but in most cases, millet micro letter customer service background is enough to support 800000 rice noodles of daily service oriented, it is only by artificial customer service is unable to complete.

the following is the vice President of millet Li Wanjiang dialogue link:

questions: micro letter with weibo of how to separate the position?

Li Wanjiang: micro letter is not a marketing and sales platform, for example, in the case of millet, it first or customer service.

when early in January I do less than a month of time nearly 50000 users, sales of more than ten thousand a day, and millet in just three people. Millet WeChat operations at first is that there is no customer service platform, but want to do a good job in customer service, human resource inputs will be very big, number of fans once, you don’t do a number of customer service management. So we find xiao-long zhang very early time, ask him to millet open a sales interface, we make the special customer service background support support, like this only then achieve 800000 customers.

weibo in micro letter before, is also our online customer service platform, weibo more should be marketing platform in the future. However, many current user whether have any good Suggestions or complaints, @ millet weibo account, we will respond in a timely manner. At present, the millet weibo DMS regeneration around 3000 ~ 4000, micro letter every day we deal with average sales at about ten thousand.

ask: millet 800000 fans now, back end service number is probably how many? How to do the performance review?

Li Wanjiang: small meters have a new media group, there are about 40 people, including the personnel of the service is about more than 30 people, they are mainly in weibo and micro letter, a customer service. With the increase of millet users, our team will not set limit Order, but we will have about evaluation indexes, such as how to fast response in 15 minutes, we will continue to allocate personnel for this investment. Compared to the online customer service, we have 800 people, traditional customer service, and so, today small rice mobile phone with customer service group should be the strongest in the domestic mobile phone manufacturers.

the problem of assessment index, customer service areas, there are some basic evaluation indexes such as response time, millet receiving amount of article ten thousand of the news every day, I make sure within half an hour is to solve it. Inside the millet, however, do customer service platform of new media colleagues with the traditional electric client service colleagues, we are deliberately separated, because telephone customer service is difficult to produce even the mode of transmission, but today when new media, it is often easy to generate word-of-mouth spread, the service of process is a word-of-mouth.

we inside the organization structure, we have to do the micro letter’s colleague, equal when marketing colleagues to look at him, it is worth for reference. I think to try to loose his indicators, he is likely to do some elastic.

ask: millet will have sales channels to expand on micro letter operating considerations?

Li Wanjiang: sales ways, only I always responsible for, and ray is not responsible for other teams. Millet today in Internet sales, it changes too fast, you it is hardly a department responsible for a sale is not possible. Many times it is multiplication relationship, if you do a very good marketing, but your product is bad, it is zero; Your product is very good, but your service quality is bad, it is zero. So we will encourage more within the millet is the process of customer service, rather than reward results.

within our millet, micro letter is the most important is good customer service, now the effect is very good, including online activities that we do more than 50% of all user activity. In addition, we need to make an appointment the user to send text messages, micro letter later, this cost can be very good save.

to ask: how to do operation in the event planning micro letter?

Li Wanjiang: your activities to do interesting, or activity prize more attractive, or in the interaction process of activities, let everybody feel interesting. He send messages to you, would you like to respond to him, if he found nowhere, he won’t do interact with you.

in micro letter after more than 100000 members, millet is probably a week at most two push, don’t. In view of the club members of activities, the new media must add as much as possible. There are times when we do marketing is through the platform of weibo but the letter itself is private platform, try not to think too, and don’t give his circle of friends to cause a nuisance.

so, the enterprise when doing the activity, must remind yourself over and over again, don’t bring too much interference to the user, it worth thinking about.

to ask: in WeChat operation have some need to avoid misunderstanding?

Li Wanjiang: we have a misunderstanding in the process, the process also had a don’t know what he is saying. At first we think our users, for example, the core of the channel should be microblogging, millet have several bank account is a millionaire, on weibo to lala, at least 30% to come over, there is no question of about 500000, but in the end, about 10% are from weibo.

we did a lot of activities on micro letter, but the first month we are completely can’t find north, real in January 2013, began operating do really doing the first activity is in March, before that we don’t know how to do. Millet made a activities in March was “very 6 + 1” activities, we found that WeChat platform of user is very willing to participate in interactive activities.

we have some experience in the process, such as electric maker’s friend, can be resolved all the business units in their good, see which unit link users will use micro letter, such as we said in the customer service hall, you can scan qr code can be checked by micro logistics.

WeChat clients in today’s largest method, is you break your business good, see what is the customer to interact with us. So, it is recommended that when you enter a new platform, don’t try so hard, the might as well to play two or three months, so that would be more effective.

q: millet when doing the micro letter interaction, what is the most frequently encountered problems, is how to solve? How to achieve effective interaction?

Li Wanjiang: 800000 fans might think a lot of people, and the characteristics of the millet mobile phone and generally is not the same, our Internet application activity is very high, in the android camp, millet mobile phones are the top three, that is why we do it for 3 months, 800000 WeChat users an important reason.

when, at the beginning of “millet mobile phone” public, achieve 50000 fans, we found that do not move. Customer service background, mainly because there was no construction by artificial simply to maintain the account directly, it is hard to put a large amount of it. , I went to guangzhou to find the xiao-long zhang, hope to cooperate on their team gave us a interface, millet also developed a platform for customer service. That is to say, the millet is through customer service platform to build the corresponding team, dedicated to do maintenance WeChat fans.

in addition, there is some automatic response in micro letter Settings, you can put a lot of common problems all classification, user search to the problem of directed attention, you have to do is push past directly, mainly is this two points.

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