Li: relative safety data in big company not letter asked Edison Chen

innovation works CEO lee in boao Asia BBS, said there is no new mobile Internet application can leave the cloud. Kai-fu lee joked that data in a big company is safe, not letter asked Edison Chen.

li: there is no new mobile Internet application can leave cloud, such as two independent, shows the application prospect is not big. Recommends entrepreneurs use common development platform. Amazon has been abroad, but domestic no. At present, the development platform has the overall facilitation, for three reasons, one is to use “elastic cloud”, the second is to use open source software, 3 it is technology development has made the development process by the difficult easy degree.

lee said: “people always have a state of mind in the heart, think on my side, see and touch is safe, can’t see and touch is dangerous. In fact it is a state of mind. Your data is stored in the amazon, tencent these big companies, they make out a will pay a heavy price.”

“how many people do you have lost your cell phone? There are about 15%. How many people do you have data on tencent, Microsoft dropped? I can’t see a lot of it. So is relatively safe. Big companies should pay responsibility for his own reputation, so we still need to learn to trust them. In a big company carrying out the probability of smaller than they are, you don’t believe it, can ask Mr Chen.”