LG will provide flexible OLED screens for apple smart watches

recently, from the Korea herald reported that LG has struck a deal with apple, for apple in the “rumor” smart watches – iWatch provides Flexible OLED screen (Flexible OLED).

in addition, the report said iWatch will be released next year. Besides LG (LG Display), apple’s another partner, Taiwan’s lai treasure technology (RiTDisplay) will be the first big apple smart watches flexible OLED screen suppliers.

meanwhile, previous reports that corning “ultrathin, super light, super flexible” Willow Glass (corning is developing a flexible Glass, reported that at the end of 2013 to early 2014) will be used by iWatch this device.

for some time, many science and technology media conjecture about iWatch. Reported the iWatch besides can used with iOS devices, also have home automation control applications, including indoor air conditioning system and family safety testing program.


PS: illustration from the network, not the iWatch real machine picture