Letv will push 50 inches super TV directly with millet PK

(editor: qing nan)

as millet television released recently, the size of the media and the personage inside course of study will be with the apparent contrast analysis, think or will kill the latter. But for Letv not “optimistic” will be disappointed, because in preparing to launch Letv early 50 inches super TV a frontal PK.

will be on the same day, a millet television release on weibo has started to spread joy see 50 inches television 3 c authentication certificate, and will be priced at 2999 yuan, is likely to start on sale before the end of September. Le networks technology and research and development of research and development center director Li Ming forward the weibo related information. If true, on the performance in a Letv will direct against millet, and have more advantages in content resources.

cloud network hunting on the national 3 c certification public service platform, found that by TPV technology (Qingdao) co., LTD., application model for Letv S50 already through the authentication, product model of Letv S50 2 d, Letv S50 3 d two kinds, the certificate number 2013010808638501, is to take effect from August 28, 2013. Manufacturer is le regard new electronic technology (tianjin) co., LTD. This also means that distance listed it’s not far.

reliable source to hunt from Letv internal cloud network confirmed the internal in preparation for this product, but also on specific launch time and the price is not sure.

in earlier time, weibo and news that Letv launch is 47 inches super TV, sells for 3999 yuan. But from the point of the current information, there is no possibility of 47 inches. Against Letv and millet is 50 inches of this product.

smart TV equipped with 47 inches millet released Thursday, priced at 2999 yuan, and will be launched on September 16 projects, formal version will be on sale in mid-october.