Letv sharp public face Today the temporary suspension Many questions unanswered

5 on 7 number, supplier networks in combination with sharp and qualcomm, foxconn and control information platform partner CNTV , officially launched 60 inch, 4 nuclear 1.7 Ghz smart TV – le see TV – super TV the x60 and affordable products S40. but sharp (China) investment co., LTD., issued a statement on its official website yesterday, claiming the company and the joint development of super le miniaturization: TV products are not true.

in this morning, the shenzhen stock exchange announcement, said because the public communication about le networks (stock code: 300104), may have great influence on stock market price. Through networks application, its stock trading will be opened up temporary suspension on today.


the problem of what happened in the end, we are still not known, but le networks to release on the same day, the it industry set off on a big storm, like a bombshell in the water. On the surface, this is indeed a very attractive product, but on the day of microblog is also covered with a variety of news, but Letv also seems to be not very confident. In order to let more people know their products, le miniaturization: employees are through direct messages inviting friends forwarding microblogging, in the afternoon, I received a le miniaturization: a producer of DMS, for help in forwarding its weibo on the TV. So far, the music as the official has not been provided for sharp’s statement said. But joy networks CEO Jia Yueting forwarding this weibo:

to reiterate: from beginning to end we are clear to the public and the TV series by completely depending on independent research and development, with completely independent intellectual property rights, never mentioned cooperation r&d with a third party. In Internet mode of smart TV UI system, like this old thinking and research and development capabilities have this product? Only companies with the Internet genes can experience UI system developed acme.

let’s look at the TV again released on the same day, jia overall weibo content:

4 nuclear 1.7 G, the world’s first global fastest, by super combination (Letv + company + sharp + qualcomm), is not only a television, but also based on the integrity of the ecological system. Twice as much as half the price performance, RMB 6999, world class quality 60 inch screen standard into the living room. The planet’s history the most powerful hardware performance monster, lifestyle change home Internet

a super combination, another independent research and development, no contradiction? Sharp manufacturers such as super combination may just be happy as a stunt, depending on the combination of music has been a jump out to slap the music as a loud slap and subsequent case, let’s see, slowly spat, it has only just begun.