Letv said crosstalk Poking fun at Jia Yueting letter “internal mail”

the author: small arsenic

today let small arsenic in stitches most news is music to make a farewell samsung joke. Its operation mode is simple, the preferred to pr team to give the boss to write a long E-mail, then to “internal email to employees, CEO of exposure” (if you’re sick of this word also don’t throw eggs I) stab to the media, in the name of the smooth diffuse out of his own voice.

this mail exposure “within” CEO to employees of marketing in the past have been exhausted, but there is no denying that really good CEO, internal, exposure, the component words were to catch the eye, in the name of the internal email about raw pr draft packing again, often can reach the spread of surprise effect.

but let little arsenic out loud, not because Letv this “exposure to employees, CEO of internal email marketing”, but the mail content. I a little bit of split.

the opening point: “on May 7, we will release Letv TV? The TV. This will be the last year, 919 “subversive,” this year, 305 ‘subversion world class quality, after another important moment.” In terms of writing. But the reality is a bit shame. A foray into the television industry, the ministry announced on its website can say oneself subversion, you still remember the so-called “subversion” on the same day, Jia Yueting kept emphasizing the concept content and concept of the marketing mode, but lose face of the reporter is pointed out that is not a network company play on TV? To find the contract signed a cooperation, can say subversion of world-class quality, the,,, or wait for to see how a world-class products. Finally no products, such as wow, to reverse again!

remember digital company weeks the boss had the most like to say the word is “we subvert the traditional antivirus industry” greetings, marketing effect indeed. But others use this word when need very cautious, first of all, you are not a weeks the boss, not even Mr Luo. Second, subversion is not imagined, but has occurred for the description of the facts. Third, said last year to now, also didn’t see where is overturned, don’t bother you?

followed by painful part said revolution history, also is to spray a how bad the original, the ans is a newbest: “traditional television has has not changed for decades, unable to meet the needs of Internet users. Because, that is one of the few people make the rules, a few people to build the product. History will prove that, Mr. Jobs is elite times last idol.” My god, for decades has not changed, which means you still see black and white panda on it? Samsung didn’t app store? Samsung no Internet intelligent? Small arsenic lousy konka home still have everything?

the next part is emotional, “user’s spot, the focus of the era, is the g-spot.” When the arsenic see jia total g-spot, can not help but faint egg hurt, Letv, is for you?

as expected, looking for a large enterprise as an analogy to borrow, or samsung, of course. The trough points too much, so the use of grammar.

“they are hardware dinosaurs, we are complete ecology”,
Kiss, at that time the zha say the quality of your world?
“They are the high marketing cost, high channel cost, high gross profit gains, we lower marketing costs and zero channel cost, without hardware to make money.”
Good idea, just how so familiar? Whether subversive to?
“Their hardware running out, service”,
Mr, carefully samsung tell you slander, who says samsung have no service?
“As in the field of mobile phones, winning is not once of the two giants nokia or MOTOROLA, but break the old thinking, to the greatest extent meet the demand of Internet users, provides extreme experience of the iPhone”,
Don’t you review? Just don’t also in elite said jobs is the idol of The Times, is you want to overthrow?

well, after finish vomit slot, small arsenic again a little bit so shady about smart TV.

a lot of people say, as for the equipment of the sitting room, TV is the center of all equipment. Arsenic quite agree with this, because after back home, the habits of people tend to be a glass of red wine with movies, comfortable nest on the sofa. Of course, except playing DOTA.

user is no longer as the TV channels of access to information (not letter CCTV news, you know), but as the leisure entertainment channel. So comfortable watching TV, be sure not to work, but for the leisure to enjoy. We break a few elements of television. Is the first screen, why always said some sharp TV is best, it is because of the screen is the true cow force, from color to image quality, widen the other TV several street, if can see perfection to watching TV, the screen must be first. The second is the content, gehuayouxian television a lot inside, plus back to watch TV on demand, and so on, this is not enough and the Internet TV box, called the Internet content is very convenient. The third is the intelligence, in the current technical environment not don’t talk about intelligence, because of the ecological environment is gradually mature.

so no matter how much TV concept lead, how the pursuit of intelligence, TV is TV, again center also can’t completely as computers, smart will not use the TV when the phone again. So little arsenic thought, screen and would still be the biggest selling point of the television, and the content and the advantage of software, in the ecological environment will be really ripe, work out, that’s why samsung, LG software and interactive system, the layout of all want to know what people are not stupid, are waiting to take advantage of an opportunity for?

the purport to subvert the somebody else, however, still have to import the somebody else samsung screen?

the author micro letter: ShenPL

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