Lesbian dating application Dattch: accurate positioning the target audience, the products do to the heart of the user

is a start-up company located in London, the company has developed a distinctive social application (date). I mean not completely, of course, refers to the service object, its lesbian (lesbian), I want to say, the company in the development of the concept of social applications, is well worth the current domestic similar application developers to learn a lot.

Dattch is one of the 17 small startups by incubation, and had just received from and three $160000 in angel investment for investors.

when it comes to Dattch this app, the CEO robin aix, said: “the existing social dating applications both in function and in positioning are very fuzzy. Our goal is clear, is to do a service in the social application of lala. And the current popular gay dating application, there is no distinguish the boundaries between each other. They copied gay dating application routines, to do the lesbian dating application. I want to say, lesbian and male are quite different in the psychological demand, so we must suit the remedy to the case.”

Exton in approval for an example to explain why so many failed to get the similar application users. Application, for example, gay dating profile design is compared commonly directly, such as “are you a hair more or less body hair?” . Obviously this problem without considering the different situation of female users. “Lesbian and male presence in the mind very different requirements. Through research we found that women with more slow, often pay more attention to details.” Exton also points out that the lesbian users attached photos, they often need to browse the photos before deciding whether to communicate with each other. By ordinary life photos, careful analysis of the female over each other’s taste, the quality and character, in order to get to know each other whether is consistent with their own requirements. Exton, said: “understand this, we will set in the application of lesbian psychological problems, pay attention to detail such as the sharing of photos”.

as a date application, Dattch did not search the function of the nearest person, it seems not so reasonable. Exton, however, indicates that in Dattch beta had this functionality, but then they found that only 1% of women will choose to meet met in 30 minutes. “Obviously, lesbian and gay is not big, the former is more conservative. They often familiar with again after a week to select date.” Exton said. At present, users use Dattch near can see women in the community, not recently. Users can set distance, select view other users in the community. Not only that, the user can also set the relevant age filtering options.

the end is also one of the most important problem is how to identify some “suspicion” men, pretending to be lesbians to deceive Dattch user phenomenon. Exton said in an interview: “prevent users receive camouflage accounts cheating is difficult to solve a problem. But first, we will adopt the method of cross authentication. Dattch account of personal data is associated with the user’s Facebook account. Through this kind of cross authentication, can be in a certain extent, reduce the occurrence of the incident.”

in the field of social applications, both giants like micro letter, also have relations, easy to such latecomers. Do, however, the application of a small and exquisite, have a chance to compete with the comprehensive application. Of course, choose a niche, vertical segmentation is only the first step, the key is to accurately grasp the target user’s psychology. Obviously, only the application to the user and can be different and stand out in a crowd.