Lenovo into PC sales champion The title worse because his team-mates

IDG statistics: of the world’s top five suppliers PC shipments failed to achieve positive growth . but lenovo or slightly above HP, thus become PC sales champion.

lenovo is the struggling PC the market leader. The world’s top five PC suppliers, the best performance in the last quarter, lenovo lenovo’s PC shipments fell only to 1.4 two percentage points. From IDC the quarter of PC track, lenovo’s loss is very low, so they can account for the 16.7% of the market. And falling shipments of 7.7 percentage of HP, fell in the second place, share of global market share of 16.4% .

“even in PC the most difficult period of market, lenovo is not just to get a share, we have steadily improved profitability, as well as part of the introduction of more innovative products for each market, “lenovo Yang yuanqing said in a statement. “ PC market leaders debate still hesitated pending, but I, with confidence global PC market still remains a lot of space to achieve profit growth and breakthrough innovation.”

lenovo and HP in this troubled but still seems to be a slight recovery on the market. world PC market in the second quarter hit 7560 all shipments, year-on-year decline in the 11.4 two percentage points. The figure slightly better than IDC , and there is no in the first quarter year-on-year decline in and point so bad.

Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the asia-pacific region (excluding Japan) shipments, as expected, but the performance is better than expected, the overall effect is able to balance.

PC the market is in a laptop from the traditional to the equipped with Windows 8 touch equipment transformation period. Of super high prices have also proved to be reasonable, especially in the face of competition from tablet. A lot of PC suppliers focus on cleaning up in the last quarter of the inventory, there are signs that many suppliers are planning to start a new model in the second half, but there are more things to complete.

“although the second quarter growth is very close to expectations, we are still trying to find a way to the second half of the year to speed up the growth,” IDC Jay Chou said in a statement. “Emerging market weakness, however, on a long-term growth of core region is a threat. In addition, the PC ecosystem to make the price down and around a touch control should make PC more attractive with attractive products and solutions to compete with equipment such as tablet. There will be a lot of things to do.”