Lei jun for the Wall Street journal, Chinese version of “innovation for China”

the Wall Street journal chinese-language announced today that science and technology of millet, chairman of lei jun for the Wall Street journal in 2013 Chinese version “innovation for China”.

shortlisted for the 2013 “China innovation contest” in addition to lei jun, and UCweb chairman UCweb CEO and chairman Zhou Hongyi qihoo 360.

here is the Wall Street journal, Chinese candidates shortlisted for the reasons given:

lei jun

millet company founder, chairman and CEO, chairman of kingsoft corporation, domestic well-known angel investors. In perplexity, he has decided in business. He wants to according to the opinion of the users to customize the phone, some people think that it’s not real, and he thinks this is the greatest millet innovation. He lead the team to launch new brands of mobile phone “millet mobile phone

ucweb CEO

UC gifted as chairman and chief executive officer, responsible for the company’s strategic planning and overall operation. UC gifted as was the first in the field of mobile browsers in China with core technology and complete intellectual property rights of the company. UC gifted as core product covers UC browser Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone all mainstream mobile operating system, such as supporting more than 200 manufacturers of thousands of mobile terminal


360 company founder and chairman, Internet “free security” model of the creator and practitioners. 360 through “free security” business model, product and technology innovation, to subvert the traditional concept of Internet security, has changed the market and become the world’s largest Internet security company, to provide more than 400 million Internet users in China’s leading Internet and wireless security products and services.

this award jury is made up of innovation factory founder kai-fu lee, the founder and executive partner of sequoia capital shen, matrix partners China fund management partner David su, the global-known vice President of Microsoft company of zhang and other senior leaders.

the Wall Street journal, the Chinese version of “China innovation for” aims to highlight the character or thought to change the world. We want to be able to select the China’s most innovative, the most unique and influential people or institutions. Innovation contest in 2011 by the Wall Street journal WSJ. The magazine founded in 2012 for the first time held in China, this year is the second. Awards is divided into six categories, namely, art, architecture, fashion, science and technology, food and charity.