Leave the OR cleaning? The father of the MacBook Air removed personal data by apple’s official website

earlier in the day, with foreign media that science and technology, apple’s senior vice President Bob Mansfield, the personal data (Bob Mansfield) have been removed from apple’s official website. In the past 24 hours, the parties involved, including apple, all did not give any explanation.

as apple technology, senior vice President, Mansfield, directly responsible for Tim cook. Since last October as the position above, Mansfield, mainly be responsible for the supervision and the innovation of the apple wireless and semiconductor technology.

although Mansfield’s personal data from apple’s board member information page is a whole, but in the Google snapshot, hold Mansfield’s original personal information page.

in fact, as early as last year, there is the media that Mansfield is going to retire. But after just a few months, the media will be unanimously in that Mansfield will continue to work for his former club. People familiar with the matter said that the reason will appear the phenomenon, because of Mansfield, after leaving office, the cook is likely to face a “internal turmoil”. In order to retain Mansfield, cook with generous benefits.

in addition, there are news pointed out that due to the former vice President of apple’s iOS department Scott Forstall (Scott Forstall) departure, Mansfield, would at least in the apple office until 2014.

it is understood that Mansfield, on the road of apple’s success has played an important role. Besides is responsible for the supervision and the development of the MacBook Air, he is also responsible for the design of the iPhone and the recent work.