Le miniaturization: acquisition, two suspects: alleged insider trading


to buy flowers, film and television and lay’s new media will once again networks pushed to the forefront. For this has been questioned, higher frequency innovation stock share prices, given the takeover market reaction is – three harden board.

happy networks of the third step is

in after acquisition of copyright and launch see TV, music depending on the recent takeover once again become the a-share market is one of the hottest topics.

the company announced plans to amounted to 900 million yuan in cash and stock way to buy flowers, film and television 100% stake, with 298 million yuan to buy shares Letv 99.5% stake in the new media; At the same time to no more than 10 other specific investors form a complete set of non-public shares to raise capital of 400 million yuan, for the payment of cash to buy flowers, film and television price is 270 million yuan, the remaining 130 million yuan used to supplement working capital. The news, le apparent three sessions harden in the future.

the flowers produced by the film and television is a popular drama “the harem zhen 嬛 biography of film and television production company. The move also reflected the joy miniaturization: a determination to make up their own production capacity.

the cicc published research report, buy flowers, film and television late help increase exclusive copyright, high-quality goods to control the content of the upstream resources. Not only that, the flowers, film and television of the core competitiveness is considered to be directed by “the biography of Zhen Huan xiaolong zheng. And the company signed six years with xiaolong zheng and other core team’s exclusive agreement.

“Letv characteristics of the company is that every once in a while can toss out of new things, this shows that it has the very strong innovation.” The vice President of sound investment RuanXiaoFeng told the first financial daily “financial”. Allegedly, the investment and its control Wu Mingxiao even hold music most networks of restricted tradable shares.

happy since its establishment, its strategy is different from other video web site, the first is adhere to the “buy the copyright, build a network video library; Secondly, input power development depending on TV, through its advantage into the field of smart TV content; A third is through mergers and acquisitions to enhance its own production capacity.

the film and television is A stock market m&a case has three, zhang guoli, huayi brothers m&a often rises, film and television, m&a, co-sponsored by the film and television media, music and flowers, film and television networks m&a.

three are popular company mergers and acquisitions, in the field of hot a-share market reacted strongly. One China policy, film and television to buy cotton media shares before the suspension at the end of may start small, the plan is settled at the end of July m&a price rising 37.6%. Huayi brothers to buy up the film and television program in September 2 after sunset, the share price keeps rising almost 50%.

mergers and acquisitions of two suspects

however, there was an obvious two suspects, the acquisition also attract the market doubts.

first, Letv new media is a new company has just set up in September of this year, there is no business activities in the group stage, and the actual control of the actual control of man-made le networks Jia Yueting, why happy networks is going to buy a shell company controlled by one of their own?

Letv new media originally registered capital is 1 million yuan, after the controlled by Letv, laterite vc and networks in accordance with the increased the proportion of 53.5%, 46% and 53.5% to 300 million yuan, and the purchase price is 300 million yuan of listed company.

there are investors questioned, le networks do this is before a big good news release, overtaking to buy shares of the bend, have the suspicion of insider trading.

miniaturization: public response to the media said, after buying Letv new media, new media Letv 300 million yuan of liquidity will all be used to buy high-quality goods exclusive TV network management, and procurement of copyright in the listed company in the future to some extent in the boutique series exclusive network copyright procurement funds pressure. In addition, Letv responded to buy Letv new media equivalent of major shareholders to buy a stake in, and big shareholder commitment to lock the equity of the capital subscribed for 36 months.

a the personage inside course of study tells a reporter, le networks will seemingly empty Letv new media and the flowers film packaging objectives of mergers and acquisitions are, first in the gem of equity refinancing policy vacuum, achieve wholesale funding; Second, combined with industry mergers and acquisitions synchronization, enlarge restructuring transactions, to improve again necessary financing scale; Three is the substance is le networks to Jia Yueting and clay venture capital increase to raise, such as can be seen as the controlling shareholder of overweight at a time.

the acquisition of the second largest suspicion is, as a production is not high, the small film company, the flowers of film and television 900 million price is too expensive.

on October 11, with media networks announced the restructuring of the draft several data, including flowers, film and television in the first half of 2013 the top five customer sales sent 13 times, 2013 years ago the five customer three or four order, profit data corruption. This deepened the market to the questioning of the networks, le networks will buy turnaround, will break up 5 times the legend of unknown.


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