Le bee on August 2 anniversary celebrate, electricity fool who hurt on his birthday?

recently, the network spread joy bee network will be in the on and a 5 day shop, promotion, and in fact happy bee network has just held in early August 5 5 nightclubs, promotions, a month, has twice the anniversary activities, bee that is going to do? This is to send! From river’s lake le bees circulating on the focus of advertising figure, on and day seems to be true, however twice a month to celebrate their do activities, the name of the moral integrity of bee broke a ah.

happy bees do shop anniversary of oolong? The hype? Or a sneak attack?

month is bee net shop anniversary months, into eight le bee has successively held 8.1 celebrate their day, 815 two rounds of big promoting electricity war, by the end of the month unexpectedly again in the name of the store the anniversary event, really do not know is not careful the blunder, still no moral integrity of self hype, but early 8.1 store, promote does make great joy bee network tasted the sweets.

simple review, on 1 day 12 PM, le bee that is declared turnover has exceeded 1.22 , although the turnover defy verification, hard to avoid let people suspect, but with GMV count 1.22 $size may also be because that includes a lot of orders without payment or cancel the order after order. Actually don’t look at transactions, from the day happy bee network busy degree can also see the sales situation, the “static elder sister moment” 1 special yuan, “bee crazy 5 buy MAO “and other activities to detonate the bees store the anniversary.

tasted the sweets of bees, is likely to once again to celebrate their name from the on and , and 9 on 1 day launched “ 5 5 5 cent party 20 hour bee crazy big to promote such an intriguing activities, want to say is accurate, many people are more willing to believe it is joy of hype. Itself happy bees 8.1 store, sales promotion is very popular with consumers, so again in the name of the store the anniversary promotion than think of a new activity theme more directly, more attractive, at the same time appears twice in a month, store the counter-intuitive approach also has more topics, le bees to the hype is thorough enough.

from the time, the usual 6 , , 11 months are big electricity to promote, including to 11 month cat double tenth day by this period generally is quiet, the lack of large-scale promotional activities, because consumers are preparing in a double tenth day release accumulate purchasing power. Le bees choose 9 early release a consumer purchasing power, the choice of this point in time can also, means is also worth noting , a relatively great attack on .