Kidney pain! Apple will soon launch video games

Beijing time on March 30, according to pocketgamer. Biz report, in the past there have been rumors of Game Developers Conference in 2013 (the Game Developers Conference) on apple will launch a special Game. So far, of course, apple has not confirmed the news, however, during the meeting, apple meeting with game developers actively, talked about his plans, in order to launch enough of the game in game support.

during the exhibition, held a meeting, apple it with a fake company name held a meeting to avoid the media attention. Many developers sources have confirmed the existence of the meeting.

April new product in apple’s annual conference, it may be possible to formally announce the news of the console, in the past, apple focused on the April conference. A lot of things need to be clear.

the source of all seen, or played the game the apple entity equipment, is not clear whether the equipment manufacture, the conventional methods or major innovations in the design.

recently, apple product repeatedly exposed, so the company to the console strictly confidential, no one can determine product launch time.

the apple is likely to launch new device during synchronous launch games consoles, but given the game brings an opportunity to enter the living room to apple, it may also in report for the TV product launch.

in 2012, the iOS and Android devices third-party game controller manufacturers. Including special peripherals, such as MOGA and Nyko, and Green startups such as Throttle, and some of the game players, such as Ouya and GameStick, for these enterprises to destroy the game controller for company is essential leap.

console gradually into a big industry, samsung also announced when to launch the Galaxy S4 game product, and this is a case in point.

developers sources also said that Google will be published within recent official game controller.

translation: sohu it