Kai-fu lee said China to build the next Facebook may completely, the subtext is snapped

Beijing time on March 30 news, photo sharing application sets provide a rich effects, it let the pictures show black and white or yellow tones, which gives people a sense of restoring ancient ways. In Beijing, jack xu “snapped” app also can do it, also can increase the voice message.

bloomberg, fills in just five months on the iPhone and Android downloads exceed 10 million times, strike while the iron is hot, the company launched in apple iTunes on March 10, English version “Wave”.

the former President of Google China and founder of venture capital fund innovation works, lee said, jack xu’s company and other enterprise’s goal is to compete on the global stage, many Chinese entrepreneurs are improved inspired them all western products. Kai-fu lee applauded invested.

lee said: “if is invent the light bulb to define, innovation may be a little too demanding for China. First conceived of the next iPhone, I’m afraid there are difficulties, but to create the future of Facebook, Twitter or sets, I think it is the first time ever in China’s start-up ability range.”

lee, is expected to achieve the feat after two years of the most promising enterprise in fact not a start-up. He pointed out that its WeChat has 300 million users, and sina weibo. Kai-fu lee mentioned, such as ali ba ba early Internet companies learn from western companies such as eBay “many”. Alibaba spokesman, lining, said John Spelich, alibaba is not a mere copy foreign mode, but to put forward their own solutions, to pay for hosting service solution to the problem of Chinese consumers lack of credit card is the example.

established in September 2009 to nearly $500 million in assets management innovation works, including YouTube co-founder of Mr Chen and foxconn technology group financing. Company headquarters is located in Beijing zhongguancun science park. Lee has about 50 companies, investment target is hatched 5 successful cases each year.

jack xu pointed out that sets in China lack a key elements – the voice of the local flavour.

jack xu said: “the Chinese like to use their voice. You go to Chinese restaurant always thronged, go to the restaurant is very quiet. We are living in a crowded environment, are used to noise. We like the noise.”