Jolla release next month first Sailfish phone went on sale in the second half year

Beijing time on April 17, according to foreign media reports, the Finnish startups Jolla confirmed will be released next month’s first smartphone, and start the pre-sales activities, taking orders, to allow fans interested in the products of the company’s registered to buy.

Jolla is organized by former employees, to continue to develop the former partner smartphone, the upcoming first smartphone is the Sailfish system based on former partner. Although Jolla has demo Sailfish before some of the details of the user interface, but the company of mobile phone hardware design plan has been tight-lipped, so next month launch its first mobile phone product also will be a big show.

before Jolla has announced that it was in the second half of the year sale the first smartphone. Jolla also confirmed today, although the company show the first mobile phone products from next month, but the official sale time is still in the second half of the plan does not change. Jolla statement by E-mail, confirm will conduct pre-sales activities, and points out that the official sale time hasn’t changed.

statement is as follows:

Jolla to launch its first smartphone in May, the official time to market of mobile phone products will be released later. The company intends to conduct pre-sales activities after mid-may, is currently actively preparing for, further details about the products will be in the product release. As previously announced, Jolla first smartphone will be on sale in the second half of this year.

Mr LAN media digitoday phone pre-sales activities of Jolla earlier reported, the media also changan Jolla directors? The sarno (Antti Saarnio) conducted interviews. In an interview with the sarno said that mobile phone booking will be a similar Kickstarter fund-raising activities, pre-orders will be a special version of the product can be obtained.

however, Jolla told TechCrunch, pre-sales activities is not funding the early production of fund-raising activities, but interested in the products of the company’s fans, and make sure they can get a product in the first time. For fans, of course, open to booking and raise money for the production of financing, there is no substantial difference between basically is to see which emphasizes on the one hand.

Jolla does not provide the details of the pre-sales activities, says it remains in eventually determine the pre-sales activities plan.

apparently, pre-sales activities is Jolla marketing products, as well as part of an effort to build a community, it can promote the Sailfish, and provide power for the development of Sailfish. Receive advance payment before the product sale is of far-reaching significance for start-ups, start-ups to use of limited resources to build products and enhance their own strength, in order to in the fierce competition in the market compete with those who are strong competitors.

translation: tencent technology