Joke: blame officials say delay north Korean missile 8 is likely to declare war on Microsoft Windows

according to the journal of the American famous New yorker website: north Korea’s official news agency said, north Korea’s missile tests delay blame Windows 8 system.

analysts said that the official comments to have a chance to look at the internal structure of north Korea’s missile program. Until last year still in its internal use Windows 95 system.

this manuscript in the Korean central news agency did not clear the date of the missile test. But those who say they “are studying Windows 8 in order to solve the problem.”

according to intelligence analysis, “which means that north Korea’s missile launch plans delayed indefinitely”.

a person close to the north Korean government sources said, a New leader, Kim jong UN to Windows 8 problem is very crazy, is considering a variety of alternative options, may even have declared war on Microsoft.

in addition, Kim jong UN, spread out before office pictures show, he used apple the iMac all-in-one.

New Yorker this fact is gossip. Xiao yun only do translation, do not represent xiao yun news truth endorsement for this purpose.

Update: according to the master, points out that the New Yorker’s the is not Onions style is famous for its serious news. Weibo @ Zheng Jun: Like the Onion, the Borowitz Reported news stories are false and be hilarious. Learn the New Yorker writer Borowitz knows that this is his usual talk news, and Onion news is a type; Seriously you’re lost.


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