Jinshan would aggressively promoting millet mobile phone! Bilateral cooperation costs increased dramatically

do you remember a few days ago at the red rice millet conference? Was held in kingsoft building was a bit surprised everyone. After all, the millet company business development in full swing, went to save two money but with the help of golden hill company.

but things may also not so simple, one is the millet with kingsoft both for lei jun at the helm of the company, the two sides and resource sharing. Some second, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement, and has formulated the general framework. Because of golden hill software is a listed company, and because of the double identity of lei jun, this already constitutes affiliate transaction, so have to be disclosed.

last night, kingsoft released in the Hong Kong stock exchange announcement, said the supplementary agreement signed with millet company has to disclose related party transactions on April 24, the cooperation framework agreement to modify, will improve the originally scheduled for December 31, 2013 and 2014 annual promotion millet smart phones and related product cost limit, increased to 200 from 200-3.5 million yuan – 7.5 million yuan, increase the amount more than doubled. In addition, the major existing cooperation framework agreement of all terms and conditions remain unchanged. According to the disclosure announcement, kingsoft will offer millet cloud services and extension services, and will be operating games together with the millet.

statement disclosure, the agreement to make revision mainly follow the kingsoft subsidiaries – jinshan online advice, according to the idea of golden hill network, will use the new channels to promote millet smartphone, through the navigation of golden hill software products to provide advertising space, promote cooperation framework agreement of millet smart phones and related products. Millet group, therefore, have to deal with the above promotion service fee will be increased accordingly. After cooperation agreement, released on April 24, did not take into account the new channels.

at the same time, the statement also mentioned, formulate the annual cap also takes into consideration the expected demand of millet smartphone, users growth and jinshan software products and market share, and trade of the independent third party similar transaction pricing policy and make an estimate of the current fair market.

if only from the work amount, two years 500-7.5 million yuan, said that more and more, say less and less. Refers to the millet is good at using more fans to “marketing” economy, so overall, the promotion cost is low, can take out 750 to golden hill, really not easy. “Little” is to use kingsoft to promote the overall channel, pricing believe not too high.

on the surface, after, earn money together, anyway, millet to promotion, channel resources and make full use of the brothers to give a fee. But exactly how this cost pricing standards, both sides did not disclose details.

lei jun personal ties

lei jun use of golden hill network to promote millet has a history of products. Released in millet mobile phone every moment, almost can see Fu Cheng, hong-jiang zhang and other executives to support. They not only personally to live by weibo, also often lead the company staff for millet.

the jinshan early in such aspects as safety, cloud storage, advertising and millet to cooperate. At the same time, in the millet mobile phone, will also built-in jinshan, jinshan drug gangsters, for example, jinshan guards, jinshan fast plate, etc., to form resources cross utilization and promotion.

is not only them, the original “San Francisco” (jinshan departing employees) industry celebrities are also backed lei jun, and provide resources to support, for example, the old place where visitors are using their own electric business platform to sales and promotion of millet mobile phone, and take advantage of its wind up to provide logistics services for millet. Although some belong to the company’s business cooperation, but as a result of network in this layer, believe millet company can get more advantages in competition with other company. This to some extent, lei jun these networks also paved the way for the smooth development of millet.

millet distress

although millet mobile phone sales in China is still growing, but compared with millet generation, the rice noodles are popular degree for subsequent launching products seems to have weakened. Although the recent launch of the low-end phones red rice with renewed following the market, but was released after the market purchasing power, millet and will how to call everybody’s enthusiasm and maintain lasting attention, is a question of millet company need to pay attention to the next.

may be based on this consideration, millet will intensify promotion in all channels. Improve the kingsoft cooperation annual cap is understandable.