Jingdong for Wall Street drew “a dog”

in domain name on the mascot, significant changes have taken place in jingdong brand. When the industry are focused on in jingdong the metal dog, named “joy”, I want to say is that the dog is just appearance, want to pass to the world of jingdong is more information.

Any brand construction are strategic services for the enterprise, especially like jingdong is still in the losses of the enterprise, to go out every penny should be wary.

this should be sponsored jingdong Chinese super since the biggest brand. Why do you want to do?

do you have any notice, the original in the mall jingdong mall have quietly have been wiped off the two words, apparently jingdong played down the concept of the mall. Ah! The jingdong not mall?

we see section first hunting cloud network in jingdong announced last year the last round of financing analysis:

13 November, jingdong mall confirm, has completed a new round of financing, investors including the Ontario teachers’ pension funds and tiger global fund, after completion of the round, jingdong mall, valued at $7.25 billion, or about 45.6 billion yuan. Jingdong this round of financing also drew the mysterious statement of DST could not help but let what lies at the industry associations jingdong how much capital puzzle.

investors convective cloud network analysis, the financing should be jingdong pre-ipo financing for the last time.

jingdong mall activity recently, in addition to financing, jingdong mall merchants open platform, as well as its proprietary vendors provide loan services, involved in financial services, follow the example of alibaba, to pack the goods listed on company business.

liu foreign change diameter for many times, jingdong first said the fall of this year, then delayed until next year. In the end, the official explanation is that regardless of the listed 2013 years ago.

jingdong listed many reasons, in addition to listing for more capital reserves, rob become a important strategic before alibaba group’s overall listing. At present, alibaba and jingdong is dark war, who will take the lead in listing will have first mover advantage.

cloud network hunting thinks, alibaba and jingdong are listed on the plunder. Want to know, who first listed will occupy absolute first-mover advantage. Listed companies before doing? Roadshow! Roadshow before doing? To the outside world a story!

jingdong is telling a story to the outside world at the moment!

erase mall two word liu wanted to tell the outside world, not only is jingdong mall, and financial supply chain and logistics, and open platform, and the upcoming website alliance etc.

liu wanted to say, jingdong to become an ecosystem, the magnificent blueprint can not excited?

the fact is, regardless of the pie, liu’s hand is there, but you have to draw, draw to the outside world, the picture on Wall Street.

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