Jingdong fast review 】 【 why not appointed lee when the CTO?

on March 22, hunting cloud network fast review

jingdong mall today announced on the company’s research and development system to adjust the organization structure, at the same time appointed senior vice President lee is responsible for research and development of the whole system. Confusingly, lee was appointed to in charge of the whole research and development system, but not the CTO. Since the CTO Wang Yaqing after leaving office, the position has been vacant.


say first a widely circulated inside ali jokes, alibaba in 2008 to host the world’s ten biggest version selection, jingdong mall, rounding out the top 10. Ma asked after the meeting, I heard the jingdong is now the B2C leader? Jingdong rockets general jumped speed become pushovers electricity overall valuation aphrodisiac.

development too fast, easy to pull the egg.

jingdong mall has many significant technical failure.

a few years ago, an Internet technology researchers found that the shaanxi xianyang jingdong mall a security vulnerability, and labor for 2.4 million yuan, after the control by the police. But remarkably, the vulnerability before be jingdong repair, has existed for more than 270 days

in December 2011, the Internet platform bug report WooYun (clouds) report, jingdong mall in certain business, improper control of user permissions, the user can view the name, address, telephone, Email, etc.

in November 2012, cloud network hunting popped the jingdong first significant vulnerabilities, 200 million alleged loss. Jingdong responded that true, but the losses are far not as much as 200 million.

to push again, liu, chief executive of jingdong mall in electric business war, had sent a tweet pictures. A serious liu sits on the picture, a sword over the table. Liu said, to technical department colleagues a cup of tea, please. Events behind the jingdong IT systems for liu was born very angry. As a result, responsible for technology, vice President of Jiang Haidong departure.

so lee is no head?

lee turned out to be the celestial pole group vice President, later because the family misfortune north. Near the early development of jingdong always often appear traffic downtime caused by sudden situation, liu is very angry. At that time, jingdong mall is still floating in water, no fame. Liu on $200000 of well-paid lee served as director of technology. Soon, lee technology advantage into play, jingdong mall is never down.

however, as the growth of the jingdong high explosive, technology circles think lee technical ability and experience is not enough to cope with the vast amounts of data and associated with security issues.

this is later, liu Wang Yaqing poaching oracle’s global vice President. Listed for packing team, and secondly is to want to use Wang Yaqing experience guarantee the technical ability of jingdong. But in December last year hunting cloud network exclusive reported jingdong first CTO Wang Yaqing departure, is less than one year from the office.

Wang Yaqing leave reason unsolved so far, but jingdong development system must be someone at first. Veteran lee was come in handy at this moment. But lee was appointed to the CTO, illustrates the liu think jingdong should also look for a stronger technical airborne assumes this role.