Jingdong enable the new domain name jd.com logo when to change?

jingdong new domain name jd.com is now enabled. Jd is jingdong pinyin initials, enter jd.com to jingdong home page. Jd.com, all the points and all products of the domain name will no longer jump to 360 buy.com.

another 360 buy.com still in use process, after all the user familiar with the new domain name degree is not enough. Used the new and old two domain synchronization is expected to continue for a long time.

360 the stamp of the original LOGO has a 360 buy, must have the LOGO is also not far from the change.

to replace the new domain name will be conducive to jingdong to save costs, jd.com is easy to remember, also linked with jingdong brand more easily.