Jingdong and tencent fully break: after micro letter again tenpay to block it

hunting cloud network on August 30,

after the internal block micro letter several days ago, jingdong is to point to the wealth tenpay recently. At present, tencent’s wealth tenpay has banned the use in jingdong shopping payment link. Six years later, at this point, the two sides cooperation also officially came to an end. Latest news: (afternoon jingdong also announced cooperation with sina weibo is about to expire, at present, the use of sina weibo registered users have been unable to login jingdong, must to reset your password.)

before and after the interval of two blocks of short, may also make the industry, it also means that jingdong fight with tencent. Xiao yun, can’t help feeling, in this block of domestic Internet war is frequent, to view the inventory Internet giant block that something “to understand the situation in recent years.

hunting cloud network to gain tenpay verification, the other was confirmed by workers, but did not say why, saying only that “the reason might be a bit complicated.” However, the time effect on wealth tenpay is larger. Choi tenpay, jingdong is a big customer.

according to some media reports, jingdong said the two sides to this cooperation has expired, the switch has been completed smoothly, said goods tenpay tenpay after only a few customers to use it. However, jingdong did not disclose the specific payment proportion. Terms of payment after jingdong including cod, online payment, payment by installment, the company transfers and the post office remittance 5 kinds of patterns. One online payment can choose to have a wealth of tenpay, quick quick, mobile payment, Carla, payment, etc. A variety of ways.

it is understood that the two sides cooperation started in 2007, so far, cooperation for 6 years. Do things simply “expire” so simple? I’m afraid not so simple.

have bad behind

in fact, jingdong since 2011 has blocked by ali’s alipay. Now, add money tenpay, jingdong rather then reject nearly nine of third-party payment market. According to Hitwise released data show that in the second quarter of 2013 alipay and tenpay wealth of our country third party payment platform, click access to more than 90% market share. Among them, pay treasure to more than 60%, choi tenpay, ranked second with 29.4%.

why will jingdong alipay and tenpay wealth two tools in the room? On the whole, I’m afraid or business competition, jingdong and some worry.

first, ali’s electrical business domestic status, this is also a mountain in front of jingdong. In the increasingly competitive online business cases, jingdong early worry about paying the chain. Pay treasure as the first big domestic third-party payment tool, in pay experience for jingdong bring convenient, fast, at the same time, also increasingly let jingdong felt “horrible”, after all, rely too much on the opponent’s tools, will be disciplined by others all the time.

for tencent business sense. At the beginning of the wealth tenpay and a threat to itself, jingdong will be “happy” to cooperate. But as the tencent electric business strategy of advancing step by step, especially Yi Xun continuous power, micro letter, after payment to start layout jingdong worries increase step by step. As we all know, WeChat payment based on goods tenpay building, besides, in the case of mobile trend, will be more threat to jingdong status.

after ali, tencent relations have deteriorated, jingdong is paid by developing their own business. Last October, jingdong mall has completed to third-party payment company net silver online acquisition, net silver online payment business license, business including the Internet, mobile payment, fixed telephone payment, bank card list, etc. From jingdong open platform business general manager Kate kui, latest statement said jingdong pay will officially launched by the end of the year. That would mean PK pay-and-escrow directly.

on the other hand, have to pay licence, jingdong is in its own financial business layout. According to liu has said that the next ten years, take the technology as data driven financial business is going to be a big jingdong mall is a main direction, and will and electricity marketing, logistics, services, information technology of the four business platform.