Jeff Bezos: “customer-oriented” achievements of the amazon


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the outside observer once said amazon: “as far as I know, amazon is a by the investors, charity, and service for the interests of customers.” I don’t think so. In my opinion, accusing amazon wheeler-dealer smart enough over the top, we live in this rapidly changing world, this too smart way of thinking is very dangerous. On the contrary, the amazon’s best is rooted in the consider for the customer “long-term” mode of thinking. It helps to amazon in this era of rapid change a place. Actively meet the needs of customers can get customer trust, this trust to help companies from these customers to win more business opportunities, even the amazon to explore new business areas, the same is true. The king is of (commercial) to think in the long run, really keep the consistency of our customers and shareholders.

“to provide customers the best service, then the rest will be each to its place”. Agree with the idea of people don’t necessarily to Amazon the 16 years of successful surprised.

the amazon may be in corporate America today can reflect the most ideal state.

Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) began to win the title, surrounding the head light is from the recent past Steve Jobs ( inheritance. Now, we almost reached “Bezos won’t do anything wrong common consensus. On the sidelines Jeff move is very interesting, especially when you are his every as with motivation, with a strong doubt following his pace.

Jeff said in the letter to shareholders, the company focused on object is the customer rather than shareholders. This letter is a mission statement with perfect works of art. It will tell you how amazon is a company, the company will always comply with what is, and motivates you to think about these ideas, and in their own work or daily practice to practice.