Japan’s electricity giant ex $200 million for “version of wikipedia” Viki video site

All ThingsD foreign science and technology media reported that Japan’s electricity giant lotte co., LTD (ex), will acquire the praise of Hulu second video website “ “.

although the acquisition has not officially announced, but reporters have got lotte co., founder and CEO of group s () for confirmation. In addition, the sources said, the capital operation of the turnover of $200 million.

lotte co – challenge amazon, vertical and horizontal business category

lotte corporation by the history of group was founded in 1997. As e-commerce giant, Japan, the company founded the lotte electronics market, and to become Japan’s largest shopping sites.

since 2000 lotte co., LTD started large-scale acquisitions. At present has formed lotte group, the relevant enterprises also contains a securities company, professional baseball team, travel websites, etc.

it is understood that in 2012, lotte group, Pinterst to invest $50 million to the photo sharing website. It also paid $315 million, in Canada established electronic bookseller Kobo.

lotte group CEO group is history in the interview, said: “lotte company’s business will not be limited to the field of electricity. We want to set up in Japan, and even the whole world ecological system. After the acquisition of Viki, lotte group will provide video website a global solution.”

Viki – crowdsourcing subtitles create video version of wikipedia

a Viki is established in Singapore, TV shows, movies, music appreciation services web site. Is the most unique place, Viki its unique video promotion mode. Any PC or mobile device to watch video on Viki users, can be in subtitle translation.

Viki wrote on his official website: “under the rules of the knowledge sharing agreement, the user can through Viki provide subtitling technology, translate their favorite video cost countries of the language. The same video can in the shortest possible time, translated into hundreds of different languages. The solution of the language barrier, will further promote video sharing.”

so far, the video on the Viki has been translated into 170 languages. In addition to maintain rapid growth in the region as a situational, Viki will also gradually into Latin America and Europe.

Viki profit pattern and Hulu alike – by insert advertisements in the video, and content producers into. In addition, the site also charge subscription fees to users.

ViKi CEO raz, mig, Jimmy, Ann (Razmig Hovaghimian) in that ViKi current monthly reached tens of millions of independent user visits (about a third of one of China’s biggest social networking site renren), is 3 times of the end of 2010, the site has 500000 volunteer translators, this number is five times in 2010.

at present, the web site for $25 million in financing. Investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, Omidyar Network, Charles River Ventures and Neoteny vc Labs, etc.