Jack took a millet 3: buy no brain

millet technology yesterday millet 3 sparked heated debate. Speaking of millet, must carry the meizu and jack, sure enough, after the millet 3 release, jack started shelling millet 3 “hungry”.
Users wgtmac meizu Posting at the official BBS posts the opposite to sell cabbage again. Is a little bit ugly!” :

texture difference a lot, but there really is good at Shouting to earn! Selling points are all hardware, mobile city with cell phones, mobile phones business good do! Futures should be must, referred to the mainstream among resolution, a strong pertinence. WVGA that I feel quite good. Actually drew yellow boss.
the arc on the back of this time is my favorite, the vision is very thin, is very comfortable to hold. Mz pursues vertical screen width I am very identity, but watch 16:9 video, those pixels width on extra really works. I am using F180 is proportion, very well. Wait for mx3 don’t need to line up to the house leadership for replacement.
price and outrage, if learn another give a week or two weeks to buy some classmates can feedback should be happy. The final estimate mx3 or sell but m 3! Look at the three great success.

jack in forwarding commented that “will buy 3 m probably more mindless hanging wire is easy to fool?”

Since then, jack the more fierce shelling in the following comments: I’m just telling the truth, and I dare to stand up for evil manufacturers. When the fool, marketing over the quality of the product itself when it’s all just look better parameters, under the mobile phone industry is a dairy.

It is understood that jack has been more than a shell millet.